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Thursday, October 2, 2014

When You've Got the Blues...Not Everything is Black and White (But Somethings Are)

This week's Project Run and Play Challenge was a Denim Challenge. So, I went and walked the aisles of my JoAnns to get inspired. I already had a pattern in mind. The new McCartney Jacket that is part of the newest Pattern Anthology release had been on my mind since I bought the bundle. And check out these pictures and you will see why.

Isn't it awesome? And when I thought denim, I thought jacket (of course, right?) And as we talked about in the last blog post, we are having to move into adult patterns. This one doesnt disappoint either with a size range from XXS - XL. I ended up making her a S so she could wear bulky clothes under it this Winter, although I probably would have been fine with the XS. 

Now, to fabric selection - I used a flocked black denim with an awesome Haunted Mansion-esque damask (remember, I am a Disneyphile) For some reason, JoAnn blew out the color, I guess so you could see the damask, but it is actually a tone on tone pure black (very pigment heavy, think stained fingernails.)

I did the contrast version of the jacket and used a solid white denim as the contrast 

So, here is my denim challenge - in black and white :)

My tips for sewing this one - definitely use a denim needle (especially once you start throwing in layers). And just have patience. The welt pockets are a gorgeous accent. The gathered sleeve option has that 80s throwback feel which we liked. This is a great jacket that is also on MY sewing list. After the pictures last night (yes, I sew at the last minute. I did this yesterday morning/afternoon to get pictures last night. I don't recommend that :)), she didn't want to take it off. She said it was 'so cozy'. And with all of the fabric options, you could even line this in fleece (I live in Georgia, so that would probably be too hot for here), or even a lighterweight flannel if you wanted it for utility. And with all of the cute fleeces and flannels, the lining could really make a statement. I would recommend a decent weight for the outer fabric so it can have the structure it's meant to. And keep in mind, if you make the gathered sleeve option, it is going to add width to anyone with wide shoulders. I would make mine with a regular sleeve because I am broad shouldered. Just some sewing notes I mentally made note of as I was going. 

See the full write up on the McCartney jacket here, but while you are there, check out the whole bundle. It is an awesome collection of womens (and tween) size sewing!