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Saturday, February 21, 2015

People of Agrabah!

It isn't very often that I get the chance to sew for my son. He's 14 and wears mens clothing. He is a sz L in a shirt and a 32/34 in pants. He is 5'9 and a sturdy built kid. He was cast in his school's upcoming production of Disney's Aladdin Jr. He will be playing the Sultan, who is Jasmine's father. In case you need a movie reference

So, it was both a thrill and a challenge to be responsible for making his costume. I used Simplicity 4213 view #6 for the vest, view #1 shortened for his tunic and #7 for the belt.

And for the harem pants I used the harem pants pattern by Elenas Times on Etsy 

All fabric is from JoAnns.

Here is my Sultan from Disney's Aladdin Jr.

I can't wait to see the performance!

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Peasant Fit For a Princess

If you are anything like me, sewing has to be fit in between the thousand and six other things you have to do in a day. Laundry, chores, groceries, school responsibilities, kids - you name it and sewing probably isn't one of the things that easily makes the list. That is exactly why I love it when there is a pattern that you can grab quickly and have the finished garment completed in no time. The new release, Vivian, from Create Kids Couture fits the bill perfectly. 

I was a tester of the Vivian in the tween sizes. I tested the 15/16. It is a peasant top with several sleeve options and an attached sash. I did a 3/4 sleeve with shirring and the length is perfect for covering the behiney for school if they want to wear leggings with it. The tween edition goes from 7/8-15/16. There are no pattern pieces except for the arm hole cutout templates, so you can go from cutting to sewing in no time flat with no pattern pieces to put together. The pattern also has directions to add a cute ribbon accent at the bottom. 

The Vivian pattern is on sale right now at the intro price of $6.00. You can find it here

Here is the cover picture

And here are my tester pictures

As usual, CKC has another great tween pattern that you can make fun and current for your older girl. Check it out while it is on sale!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Belle of the Ball

Every one in the designing world has been all abuzz about the upcoming Disney Cinderella live action movie. And why wouldn't they be? The costumes, are as expected, stunning.

I was so excited when I saw the testing call for Create Kids Couture's version, that I stuck my name in the testing hat asap. Their version - the Elora - was released today in both girls and tween sizes. Here is the pattern cover.

If you are like me and sew for the older girl - finding formal wear patterns is almost impossible. Thanks to CKC, we now have an option. I decided to make my sample geared more toward what middle school girls might wear something like this for - junior cotillion balls, first communion, or school formals. I tested the size 15/16 with the A cup bodice. And here are my pictures in our grown up princess dress. 


It is a beautiful dress and I highly recommend it for your tween arsenal. It can be purchased here It is a more complicated sew than most CKC patterns being that it has buttonholes, more difficult fabrics to use, and some more precise sewing; however the instructions are well written and with patience, you will be able to knock this one out of the park. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The New Anniston (Not Jennifer)

I was asked to test the newest release from Create Kids Couture - the Tween Anniston. As usual, with Create Kids Couture patterns, you get well written instructions, good pictures to follow along with and a predictable outcome. They have easy to follow size charts that help you if you have a child that falls in between sizes. I tested the Tween 15/16 with the A cup bodice. This is a sassy, fitted style that will be fun to mix and match fabrics with this spring and summer.

Here is the pattern cover

And you can find the tween Anniston on sale now here

Here is my iteration of the Anniston in a size 15/16 A-cup.

Check out the Anniston while it's on sale. And keep your eyes out for several more awesome Tween patterns releasing soon from Create Kids Couture.

See you next time!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm Baaaaaack

Wow - this blog is dusty, right? I bet you guys thought I was long gone, but nope, I'm still kicking. The last year has been really rough and I have wallowed for a while. But, I think my pity party has gone on quite long enough and it's time to put on some big girl pants and get back on the pony.

I actually quit sewing for a while. I just had no ambition. Of course, I had little ambition to do much. Then, I got asked to do some pattern testing and it whet my whistle just enough to get back in the swing of sewing for my not so little tween.

So, since we last talked, she has made it almost through her first year of middle school. We will get progress reports for the 3rd 9 weeks on Friday, so time certainly has flown. She adjusted great to the changes. She had all As the 1st 9 weeks and all As and 2 Bs the 2nd 9 weeks. She made the archery team and has loved it.

My son is also on the archery team and is actually captain of the middle school team. He placed 4th overall middle school male at our first tournament and came in 3rd (and got a medal) at our 2nd tournament. (He's the one on the far right)

We just signed our son up for high school which is highly traumatic in and of itself. He will turn 15 later this year and get his learner's permit (ugh, driving?!?!) AND he has a girlfriend. I guess it was bound to happen one day. 

But, on to the sewing for a growing tween girl which is why you are here, right? I actually have MANY things to share with you, but I can't until patterns are released. So, we will start with one that has been released. 

Greenstyle is an amazing pattern company with great patterns for women, men and kids. The Laurel dress is a staple for me as a flattering, quick knit sew that is versatile and stylish. 

I mean, seriously, how adorable is this?? So, now that my tween has a 33" bust, she falls into the adult pattern category for most pattern companies. However, she is 5' tall, so I have to treat her like a petite framed adult, with the exception that she has a toddler tummy. Her actual waist is only 31" but right below she has a 33" round belly. My son grew out before he grew up several times in his growth spurts, so we are thinking maybe she will have some upward mobility soon. So, when Greenstyle announced they needed testers for a new slouchy neckline, I volunteered. This style of tunic is super popular with the middle school crowd. She fit into the XS size and I used the regular length bodice. Here is our version of the Greenstyle Laurel with the new slouch neck add on.

This is a great pattern for anyone looking to camouflage a thicker midsection (Moms included). It also has an inseam pocket option. 

You can find the Laurel pattern here Laurel Dress and Greenstyle has been super generous and is offering the slouch neck add on for free!! You can find it here Slouch Neck Add On. It also has the regular neckline binding in it. 

Well, I am back and as soon as my other pattern tests release, I will be posting some AMAZING new tween based patterns. Thanks for stopping by and I am so happy to be back in the saddle. Happy Trails!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

When You've Got the Blues...Not Everything is Black and White (But Somethings Are)

This week's Project Run and Play Challenge was a Denim Challenge. So, I went and walked the aisles of my JoAnns to get inspired. I already had a pattern in mind. The new McCartney Jacket that is part of the newest Pattern Anthology release had been on my mind since I bought the bundle. And check out these pictures and you will see why.

Isn't it awesome? And when I thought denim, I thought jacket (of course, right?) And as we talked about in the last blog post, we are having to move into adult patterns. This one doesnt disappoint either with a size range from XXS - XL. I ended up making her a S so she could wear bulky clothes under it this Winter, although I probably would have been fine with the XS. 

Now, to fabric selection - I used a flocked black denim with an awesome Haunted Mansion-esque damask (remember, I am a Disneyphile) For some reason, JoAnn blew out the color, I guess so you could see the damask, but it is actually a tone on tone pure black (very pigment heavy, think stained fingernails.)

I did the contrast version of the jacket and used a solid white denim as the contrast 

So, here is my denim challenge - in black and white :)

My tips for sewing this one - definitely use a denim needle (especially once you start throwing in layers). And just have patience. The welt pockets are a gorgeous accent. The gathered sleeve option has that 80s throwback feel which we liked. This is a great jacket that is also on MY sewing list. After the pictures last night (yes, I sew at the last minute. I did this yesterday morning/afternoon to get pictures last night. I don't recommend that :)), she didn't want to take it off. She said it was 'so cozy'. And with all of the fabric options, you could even line this in fleece (I live in Georgia, so that would probably be too hot for here), or even a lighterweight flannel if you wanted it for utility. And with all of the cute fleeces and flannels, the lining could really make a statement. I would recommend a decent weight for the outer fabric so it can have the structure it's meant to. And keep in mind, if you make the gathered sleeve option, it is going to add width to anyone with wide shoulders. I would make mine with a regular sleeve because I am broad shouldered. Just some sewing notes I mentally made note of as I was going. 

See the full write up on the McCartney jacket here, but while you are there, check out the whole bundle. It is an awesome collection of womens (and tween) size sewing!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!

We have a winner for our Jocole blog tour contest!!

Congratulations, Jessica!! Someone from Jocole will be in touch with you about how to redeem your TWO free patterns!!

Thank you everyone for entering. I have loved reading your comments and will be responding to them over the next several days!

Have a great week!