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Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm Baaaaaack

Wow - this blog is dusty, right? I bet you guys thought I was long gone, but nope, I'm still kicking. The last year has been really rough and I have wallowed for a while. But, I think my pity party has gone on quite long enough and it's time to put on some big girl pants and get back on the pony.

I actually quit sewing for a while. I just had no ambition. Of course, I had little ambition to do much. Then, I got asked to do some pattern testing and it whet my whistle just enough to get back in the swing of sewing for my not so little tween.

So, since we last talked, she has made it almost through her first year of middle school. We will get progress reports for the 3rd 9 weeks on Friday, so time certainly has flown. She adjusted great to the changes. She had all As the 1st 9 weeks and all As and 2 Bs the 2nd 9 weeks. She made the archery team and has loved it.

My son is also on the archery team and is actually captain of the middle school team. He placed 4th overall middle school male at our first tournament and came in 3rd (and got a medal) at our 2nd tournament. (He's the one on the far right)

We just signed our son up for high school which is highly traumatic in and of itself. He will turn 15 later this year and get his learner's permit (ugh, driving?!?!) AND he has a girlfriend. I guess it was bound to happen one day. 

But, on to the sewing for a growing tween girl which is why you are here, right? I actually have MANY things to share with you, but I can't until patterns are released. So, we will start with one that has been released. 

Greenstyle is an amazing pattern company with great patterns for women, men and kids. The Laurel dress is a staple for me as a flattering, quick knit sew that is versatile and stylish. 

I mean, seriously, how adorable is this?? So, now that my tween has a 33" bust, she falls into the adult pattern category for most pattern companies. However, she is 5' tall, so I have to treat her like a petite framed adult, with the exception that she has a toddler tummy. Her actual waist is only 31" but right below she has a 33" round belly. My son grew out before he grew up several times in his growth spurts, so we are thinking maybe she will have some upward mobility soon. So, when Greenstyle announced they needed testers for a new slouchy neckline, I volunteered. This style of tunic is super popular with the middle school crowd. She fit into the XS size and I used the regular length bodice. Here is our version of the Greenstyle Laurel with the new slouch neck add on.

This is a great pattern for anyone looking to camouflage a thicker midsection (Moms included). It also has an inseam pocket option. 

You can find the Laurel pattern here Laurel Dress and Greenstyle has been super generous and is offering the slouch neck add on for free!! You can find it here Slouch Neck Add On. It also has the regular neckline binding in it. 

Well, I am back and as soon as my other pattern tests release, I will be posting some AMAZING new tween based patterns. Thanks for stopping by and I am so happy to be back in the saddle. Happy Trails!


  1. Glad you have your sewing motivation back, I have missed your posts! I would not have thought of using this pattern for my 11 year old, but this is very cute and age appropriate.

  2. She loved this one and said she wanted more. So it made me a happy sewing mom :) Thank you for stopping by and your sweet words!