Thursday, August 21, 2014

Creating Kids Couture

If you sew for children at all, I am sure one of the things you often get asked to make is boutique style clothes along the vein of Matilda Jane, Persnickety, etc. And if you have looked at all for patterns to make these styles of garment, then I am sure you have come across Create Kids Couture. Create Kids Couture has exploded over the last several years in regard to their pattern offering and size ranges. When I first started sewing their clothes, most of them went up to around a size 8 and I had to upsize the patterns myself. However, now they have grown their design team and now offer tween sizes, womens sizes, plus sizes and even boys.

I was privileged to be able to test two of Create Kids Couture newest tween patterns, the Suzie Tween Twirly Halter Top/Dress and the Briannas tween tiered ruffle pants and capris. You can find both of these patterns currently on sale at the following links

Suzies Tween Halter Top and Dress
Briannas Tween Tiered Ruffle Capris/Pants

Here are the pictures from the pattern

One thing I really like about the Create Kids Couture tween line is that most of their bodices come with a cup size bodice option. This is great because I know some girls are needed the bigger sizes because of just being larger in the measurements and may not need to accommodate booblets yet and they have a regular size option for that BUT if you are battling the booblets *sigh*, then this cup bodice provides the shape the developing tween needs.

Here is our rendition of the Suzie Tween Twirly Halter Top and Briannas Tiered Ruffle Capris

And if you just love that cute retro headband she is wearing, it is actually a free tutorial from the Create Kids Couture blog. You can find the link here Headband Tutorial and here is a picture from it

Aren't they darling? For a tween head, I may add another inch to it as she said this was a little snug, but that will be a your mileage may vary thing based on the circumference of the head. Some adults said they could wear. I have a big melon, so I would definitely have to add some more :)

I hope you have enjoyed today's patterns and we will see you soon!


  1. Just lovely!

    You mentioned that some of the garments you made last school year were donated. I'm very curious which garments turned out to be keepers, and why. Maybe it would make a good post?

    1. Thank you for posting your comment. I actually just talked to my daughter and got her feedback regarding her favorites and I will go and post that now!