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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Twirl in her Step and a Tear in Our Hearts

Outfit 127 - 2013-14 School Year

Friends, my family's world was turned upside down yesterday morning. One of my biggest fans of this blog, this project and my sewing is hanging on to life right now with the odds stacked against her. My mother has been one of my biggest supporters. Every night when I post the blog, I would Facebook her and say pics are up and she would always have a compliment about how C looked. She is currently in Intensive Care at a local hospital and is in septic shock and renal failure. Septic shock is a hard thing from anyone to bounce back from, but add in 71 years old with other health problems and you end up with more cards stacked against you. She had a very touch and go night but she did make it through the night. My dad and I spent the night up there in the ICU waiting room. I came home for a little bit to sleep some and to make tomorrows outfit. I know she would want me to keep sewing. Some nights, she stayed up late just to see the pictures of that days outfits. I was just with my mom Thursday  night at G's Little Mermaid production. She looked so pretty and she really seemed to enjoy the play. We were supposed to go to IHOP for dinner with her last night. Instead, she is currently sedated on a ventilator and more bags of drugs than I have ever seen. The doctors are doing everything they can. They can't really say right now what is going to happen. They were going to try to wean her off some of her meds today to see if some of the antibiotics have been working. They are hoping her kidney failure is temporary. I am so overwhelmed, I can hardly breathe. More than likely, we will be cancelling our trip to Europe. Whether my mom passes or makes it, I will probably need to be here. If you pray, please lift her up for healing. I know God is still in the prayer business and still can do miracles. He can work through these doctors and sustain her. If you know anyone else who is a prayer warrior, please ask them to add her to their lists.

 I hate to bring you such a beautiful pattern with such a heavy heart. I have seen many people rave about the Boo Designs patterns. They are an Australian company with very cute designs. You can see the whole pattern collection on their Etsy site at Today I am going to show you our Skater Skirt from the "Design your own Skater Skirt" pattern 

This pattern comes with many cute options, like the one above. You can make coordinating suspenders, the skirt can have a zipper, buttons or a wide elastic band. Fortunately, I had this made on Saturday, so I was able to get pics and everything done while I was at the hospital. So, here are pics of our first (and certainly not last - that might be foreshadowing) Boo Designs Skater Skirt.

This is an easy skirt that has lots of options. It has great twirl. And as you can see from the pattern pic, looks amazing with a pettiskirt under it. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.