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Q: Do you sew EVERY day?
A: Pretty much without exception, yes.

Q: Do you really sew everything you show on the blog?
A: With the exception of the one Mom Swap I did where I sewed the other seamstress's daughter an outfit, yes, all sewn by me.

Q: Don't you think its a little much?
A: Somedays..then when I see how much she is enjoying it, it's all worth it. And it is stretching me as a seamstress to try new things.

Q: What is your favorite part of this project?
A: The bonding with my daughter. This is something she nor I will ever forget.

Q: What do you hope to gain by doing this?
A: I hope that more people will sew for their older kids. I hope that more designers will design for older kids. I hope more kids will want to have handmade clothes.

Q: Do you have a sewing background?
A: I have been sewing for about 5 years. I have a sewing certificate from our local university. I also have attended the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion 6 times (7 in Feb) where I have done continuing education in heirloom and specialized children's clothing. My background isn't sewing though. I never sewed growing up minus a semester of Home Ec in Junior High. I have a BS in Political Science, an AAS in Computer Science and a MPA. I also attended law school. I was a Political Science instructor for several colleges and universities before I dedicated myself to staying at home with my kids.

Q: Do you only have a daughter?
A: No, I have two children. I have a son who will be 13 in December.

Q: Do you sew for your son?
A: Sometimes, but not as much. He is already 5'5 and in a men's size med clothes.

Q: Any other family?
A: I have been married for 15 years to my college sweetheart. I am blessed to still have both of my parents who live near us, as well. I also have a brother, two brother in laws and their wives, two nieces and several nephews. I have a huge fur family as well. We are big into animal rescue. I have a papillon who we rescued from Atlanta, a lab/shepherd mix that we adopted on the day she was going to be put to sleep at our local animal control, a 15 yr old rescue cat in renal failure, 2 1.5 yr old cats one from a rescue and one from a kill shelter, and a pair of kittens we just got after the loss of the pet love of my life. I would have more if my house and property could hold them.

Q: Any other hobbies besides sewing?
A: You mean is there time? I am also a runner. I have run three marathons (Chickamauga, Atlanta, and The National Breast Cancer Marathon 26.2 with Donna). I have run countless half marathons to include Disney, Soldier, Albany (GA), Atlanta, Auburn (AL), Museum of Aviation (Warner Robbins, GA). I am usually running some various 5 or 10k on the weekend. I fractured my shoulder this year at the North Face Endurance Challenge 10k after a nasty fall down a hill. It was an awful experience, but I was able to complete my 4th Soldier Half Marathon 6 weeks after the fall and that meant the world to me.

Message me with any other questions you would like answered here and I will be happy to answer them (if they are clean and applicable of course!)


  1. I can't find your contact info, but I just wanted to let you know about some potential tween patterns. Imagine Gnats has the Tumble Tee and the Meridian Cardigan, both of which go up to age 14. The Seafarer top is an awesome pattern I just tackled- I cut a large, so I imagine the xs and s would fit a tween nicely- it is rather long, though- the pattern is from a Sew Much Ado. My girl is only 18 months, but I have noticed a dearth of tween patterns. Sorry if you already know of these patterns- I've just discovered your blog and am slowly going through your archives!

    1. I also just discovered Popolok design through a sidebar on Welcome to the Mouse House- Popolok has at least one pattern just for Tweens/teens!

    2. Thank you so much for your legwork! I am going to go check out the Imagine Gnats. I actually have the seafarer top for me. I hadnt even thought about trying to make it for her. I have made her the Popolok peplum dress. It is gorgeous. It was one of my Project run and play entries! Keep the suggestions coming! :)

  2. Check out Shannon's new release on Little Kids Grow

    1. that is cute! it will have to be one where I have time. Buttons are my challenge spot :)

  3. Also- I just discovered the blog "Sew Cool for the Tween Scene"!

    1. Great to have another resource for tween sewing! The more of us there are, the more pattern designers will see that these patterns are wanted.