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Monday, July 28, 2014

Cape San BlasT!

We snuck off for a long (needed) weekend at the beach. We go to a very small, nothing to do there beach where it is all about families, dogs on the beach, smores and campfires on the beach after dark. It isn't crowded. We set up our tent when we get there and leave our chairs and floaties there all week. This beach is Cape San Blas, Florida. It is about an hour east of Panama City Beach or about 45 minutes west of Apalachicola. You don't go there looking for excitement, because all that's there is beach, one restaurant and two gas stations/general stores. I love it. I needed nothing to do. It was wonderful.

How beautiful is this? Emerald waters, sugar white sands - *sigh* I wish I could live there.

While we were there, we photographed something I had been afraid to try as a seamstress. What? As much as I sew I still having sewing Boogeymen? Yep. The swimsuit. So, I decided to try a pattern designer that I have really loved sewing up - Cole's Creations. I used the Bow-a-licious Swimsuit which goes from a size 1/2 to a girls 16. I sewed the 12/14 size. This is the adorable picture from the pattern

It is a modest one piece design that is fun and functional. It has amazing bum coverage, too! We took it out in the Gulf of Mexico so you could really see how it holds up in real action. I have to say, it fit perfectly - no gapping, sagging or pulling and yet she was able to body board and swim around with no problems. I did the full frontal lining option as well for modesty. Check it out!

And what bathing suit photo shoot is complete without the Bo Derek beach running picture?? :)

It held up to sand, surf, multiple washings and it was made like a tank. Amazing pattern, great directions - for my first swimsuit out the gate - I give it a hearty thumbs up AND I would make it again! So, if you have any swimtime left in your summer (we go back to school two weeks from tomorrow *cries*), grab this pattern and an afternoon and you will be able to knock this out. Hancock Fabrics had a great selection of swimsuit fabric if you aren't interested in having to order online. But there are several great online swimsuit fabric suppliers as well.

Hope you are enjoying these last days of summer!!

An update on my mom: They had a meeting about her today and feel like she may get discharged to home to continue therapy on an outpatient basis in about a week! We are crossing our fingers!  She is walking great with a walker and has started taking small independent steps. Her trach tube is out and she is looking great. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!


  1. The suit looks awesome. Your daughter is a cutie pie.

  2. Thank you so much. She will be 11 next month and is entering the feeling awkward phase and I was happy to find a pattern that gave her the coverage she felt comfortable with and the fun fabrics she liked :)

  3. I just stumbled onto your blog, and I'm so excited! I sew for my 10 year old, not quite as prodigiously as you, though. ;) I've always thought that you shouldn't have to give up sewing for your girls just because they became tweens and teens. It's just about finding the right designs and using the right fabrics. Your blog is such an inspiration!! I've been scrolling though old posts, and I love it all! Keep up the great work!