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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I wanna dance with somebody...

I have really enjoyed getting back on my sewing horse. Sewing is definitely a therapy for me. Today, I want to introduce you to an amazing cute pattern I just tested for Cole's Creations - the Swag Dance Pants. This knit harem style pant is a quick sew with an elastic cased waistband and elastic cased ankles. Once I started testing these, I noticed this same style of pant at Justice (
The size range on this is a 1/2-16 - which will keep you in these for a long time. They are also unisex. This is the picture from the pattern 

You can find the pattern here . Here is my size 14 version of Cole's Creation Swag Dance Pants.

This sews up SO fast. You can use them for fashion, dance, cheerleading, or even comfy pj bottoms. 

For those of you following the story with my mom: She is doing great in rehab and they all seem positive that she will be coming home in just a few weeks. We actually are in Florida right now for a quick getaway. It has been great having a change of pace, adrenaline and scenery. I have a great swim suit I whipped up before we left that I will be getting pics of down here and will feature next week when I get home. 

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