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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Happy Little Angry Birds Dress

Outfit 84 - 2013-14 School Year

So, I told you we got in late yesterday evening and between trying to do make up school work and getting laundry going and getting unpacked - I needed a definite less is more as far as time is concerned with a pattern. So, I went to an old stand by when you need something quick - upcycling.

I took an old Angry Bird tshirt and cut it at the end of the graphic (you can eyeball this if you do it at home, generally on her, its somewhere around 4-5" below the underarm, but really it depends on the tshirt and the graphics. This one I took to the end of the graphic and left enough for seam allowance). Then, I measured the bottom of the cut shirt. Once you have that measurement, you just cut the other knit in a circle skirt. Basically, take your cut bottom measurement, divide it by 6.28 and get your number X. Fold your knit fabric in half selvage to selvage and then up. From the folded corner, measure from the corner down X, measure down X several places pivoting your tape measure, keeping the measurement from each point down X. Use pins or chalk to mark the points and then connect. Then figure out your length. Measure from your connected X points down to the length and mark those, then cut. For this, I have two lengths. Then, I just rolled hemmed the edges of the knit (although, since its knit, you don't have to finish it at all) and voila - handmade dress. Its cute and flouncy and quick and, most importantly, DONE!

So, check out our happy fun Angry Birds shirt dress.

And, well, I have to let you know we won't have an outfit for tomorrow - they just announced on the news that school has been cancelled for tomorrow because of the dangerous ice storm that is moving into our area. So, we won't have an outfit for tomorrow (good news for me is that is one in the tank for later ;) ) I wish I would be able to have some pretty snow pictures again, but this is supposed to be just ice. This has been a crazy winter. So, be careful if you are getting any of this storm (or any other storm).

Hope you have a wonderful, safe and WARM evening! Till Thursday (I hope they go back Thursday!)

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