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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Having a TRYST with a TRISTA

Outfit 92 - 2013-14 School Year

So, here we are at Thursday and we are wrapping up our sewing some newer Create Kids Couture ( patterns. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these tween patterns in practice. I will tell you that she loved all of them and got lots of compliments all week. I recommend all four of these patterns to keep on hand as quick go to patterns when you are ready to play with knits.

To wrap of the week, we are bringing a fun top. It is the Trista's Tween Pixie T-shirt

This top is absolutely adorable and what really makes it is the party in the back - the cute twirly pixie hood. Again, we are rocking lots of possibilities and options on this one. For my version, I did the long sleeved. I initially did the two bottoms bands, but ended up cutting off the bottom one because it just ended up being too long on her with both. I am happy with the length as a top with just one. This sewed up very fast. I upcycled a cute sassy phrased shirt of mine to be the front and then mixed it up with some fun knit fabrics. Check out the Trista's Tween Pixie Tee - I hope you enjoy it!

Isn't the back just precious?

So, there we have it! Tomorrow evening we are heading out to spend the night for the elder child's archery tournament. He shoots at 10 am Saturday morning. I'll have the results from the weekend for you on Monday. He has practiced his heart out and I know he will do his best. That's the thing with archery, if you breathe wrong, your aim is screwed up. He is shooting with a bow that has no sights, so its all on him. I know he is going to do amazing. I am very proud of our whole team.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you back on Monday for our next outfit! Thanks for stopping by and see you then!

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