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Monday, February 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We made it back safely this evening and the girls had a blast. The girls (and their mamas) are exhausted. We were able to visit the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom while we were at Disney World. Here are some of my crappy phone pics :) We will be back with a simple, though handmade, outfit tomorrow! Forgive me for something easy - but we stayed at Magic Kingdom until 11 and then shut down Animal Kingdom last night - then had to get up early this morning for our 6 hour drive home!

Got our tickets and ready for the magic!

At the entrance!

Everybody has to take a castle picture - even if it is a cold and rainy one! (dont you love the 'couture' ears?)

Waiting for Thunder Mountain. They rode this like six times - no joke. (and no fast pass either - the cold and rain kept the crowds low!)

Locking the girls up!

Riding the carousel

Day 2: Animal Kingdom

 Primeval Whirl!

Ending the night at the Rainforest Cafe! (dont you love their 'Beast Friends Forever" shirts? We got them for them when they rode Everest for being brave. Then they rode it AGAIN!

And a Volcanooooooooo (they scream this when you order it!)

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