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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Mickey Blue Ribbon

Outfit 114 - 2013-14 School Year

Well, unfortunately, I have some bad news. Our Archery coach had a tough call to make because both of our teams (middle and high school) qualified for the NASP National Archery Tournament in Louisville, KY. So, she made the decision to register our high schoolers first on Friday. On Friday, when registration opened for our tier of qualification, there was only 600 of the 10,800 slots remaining. So, after she got all of our high schoolers placed, she went back to register our middle school team and the slots were gone. Of course, my son was very very disappointed. But, we have three seniors on our team, so this is their only opportunity to go. I am happy our school will be represented our first year having an archery team, and hopefully, my son will get the opportunity to go to nationals next year. On the upside, my daughter has decided she wants to try out for archery, too. So, next year will be an exciting archery year for our family.

Now, onto today's outfit. You know I tried Little Lizard Kings Blue Ribbon knit/woven dress last week in a size 12 and it was a little snug. So, I made it up again in a size 14. I'm sure you may have noticed that my daughter has gained some weight in the last few months. We are working on making better food choices and we are trying to get exercise at least 5 days a week. Saturday, the whole family ran a 5k and we have been working out with T25, because we have all added a little extra poundage lately :) So, hopefully we can all get a little healthier working out and eating better together. We are being careful how we approach weight/appearance because tween girls are very vulnerable at this age and we want her to know she is absolutely beautiful the way she is, but we want all of us to have healthy lives.

You can find the Little Lizard King Blue Ribbon dress here

And here is our round 2, size 14 Little Lizard Blue Ribbon Dress

This is a great pattern and I really enjoy making these. And they are super cute on! 

Well, this week they have testing, so that means light homework which is nice. Then, she has a field trip on Friday. Hope you all had an amazing Easter and we will see you back tomorrow!

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