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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Itty Bitty Liddy

Outfit 113 - 2013-14 School Year

So, for today's dress the weather threw a fast one at me. In the pictures, she doesn't have anything on under it, but it was so cold today, she ended up wearing a long sleeved navy tshirt under it. Still ended up looking really cute.

So, what did we make for today? We went back to one of my FAVORITE designers EVER - Juvie Moon. I declare you must buy all of their patterns. You just must. She has the best instructions and every garment I have ever made from her patterns looks amazing. I mean, you boutique owner chicks really need to look into her. You can whip these up quick and get them out on Etsy or at your spring craft shows and sell these mamma jammas. You can see the whole product line at Today's dress is the 'Liddy' by Juvie Moon This dress is great for those of you (like me) who have a wider strap school dress code. This strap actually ends up being more of a cap sleeve. The sleeves and bodice are shirred and it has a tiered, gathered skirt. Result? Supah cute. Here is the picture from the website

Does that not just scream spring??

Here is our version in navy polka dot and lime green tonal chevron (from Joanns). This is pic heavy because I couldn't narrow these down. I just liked all of this shoot :)

Don't you just love this one???

And I loved this one! Sometimes we really can grab her real personality.

And that's all folks. If those pictures don't inspire you to get this pattern then you are just hard ;) It really is a simple pattern to put together and it is very cute and fun to wear. I might even wear the adult version of this (although the idea of gathering *My* size tiers makes me very tired.)

So, today I got my invisalign. I wore braces as an adult for about 3 years when the hubs and I got married. And guess what I didn't wear once my braces came off. Um, yeah, that would be my retainer. So, tonight, I spit when I talk (every time I think that, I think of the Eminem song but that isn't tween appropriate) and it is SORE! Ugh.

And if you could send up a couple of prayers tonight for us - first, she isn't feeling well. Her throat is sore and she is hoarse. I told her to just try to stick through tomorrow and she will have a long weekend to rest. And we need prayers for my son and his archery team. He has worked so hard practicing and has shot so well this year. There are currently only 3000 spots left open out of the 10000 that were there Monday for the national archery tournament. We don't get to register until 11am Friday if there are any spots left, which may or may not happen. But, we also have to have enough of our team willing to go and the price/timing of the trip has several of our team members on the fence about going. We just pray for God's will and peace with whatever happens with the trip.

For all of my Christian readers, I wish you a very happy Easter and I pray our Jewish readers had a blessed Passover. For this weekend, I pray that everyone has blessed time with family and friends.

All the best and we will see you back Monday!! (Tomorrow is our "Friday dress" since we are out for Good Friday)

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  1. I love the fabrics you chose! I could see my ten year old loving a dress like this.