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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sometimes the 'Puzzle' just falls together

Outfit 119 - 2013-14 School Year

The tween designers are just cranking them out this week and new patterns are dropping like little gifts from Heaven right into my grubby seamstress paws (no seriously - seamstressing is pretty rough on the hands. Am I Right?). Today I am reviewing the new knit - and you know we love our knits - pattern from Hailey Bugs Closet. It has the cutest, most appropriate name - The Perfect Puzzle set. It is a dress/skirt/tshirt pattern all in one. It ranges from a 12m to a girls 12. I made mine in the 12. You can find the pattern here

And the picture above is just ONE of the many options. You can do so much with this pattern. It is a great knit stash buster or upcycling pattern, too. I actually upcycled a shirt I bought during our London trip last year. I loved the colors but it didn't fit right when we got home, so I had the perfect knit colors to go with it when I decided to make this pattern, so thats what it became. 

Here is my version of the Perfect Puzzle Pattern in the dress version, size 12.

The Hailey Bugs Closet Perfect Puzzle is a perfect addition to your PDF tween sewing repertoire. Thank you for stopping by tonight! See you tomorrow!


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    1. Thank you! You always have the cutest fabric combos, so that is a very big compliment coming from you!