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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Singing in the Rain

Outfit 112 - 2013-14 School Year

So it has been a rainy couple of days in West Central Georgia. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, I see some folks out there have been dealing with snow. And we don't let rain stop us - the blog must go on! So, we went outside and took pictures in the rain in another new pattern.

Today, we are wearing a pattern from Little Lizard King. It is the new release - the Blue Ribbon Tunic/Dress. It goes up to a size 14 and is the knit bodice/woven skirt that is so popular right now. Don't believe me? Go check out Matilda Jane and Persnickety and the like and the come on back. Very on trend. You can find the Blue Ribbon Pattern here and here is a picture from the pattern

Isn't that picture cute as the hills? That one is by Lily Shine Boutique which you can find here on Etsy

So, we didn't get to have the amazing backdrop Lily Shine did, but we had fun in our dress singing in the rain. And we loved our clear umbrella. She was a great sport, but then again, what kid doesn't like playing in the rain??

Overall, this is a super cute, well written and fun pattern. When I make this one again (which I will be), I will size up to the 14 bodice. It was a little snug on our chesteses (eek, should I even talk about the baby girl having chesteses?? Ugh!). And, frankly, ok I'll say it - we ate too good on vacation and fell off the exercise wagon, so everybody in the house may have a little more in the chesteses right now. But, we are back on the T25 bandwagon and we are running a 5k this weekend. Gotta get everyone moving again. But, I would be making another one of these anyway because it has so many options and is so stinking cute and versatile!

Hope you are staying dry (or warm in the snow??) Stop back on by tomorrow for our last outfit of this Easter week. It's another super cutie! :) Thanks for coming by!

PS - In case you are wondering how she really looks most of the time - this is classic her :) Eating a chocolate croissant at the Starbucks today after school while we were waiting on brother to finish archery practice (we find out Friday if we are going to nationals, so far there are still slots!). She is wearing half of it and dropped a big dollop on her jacket (fortunately not her dress!).


  1. love it adorable! i have that same knit fabric!!!!!

    1. Thank you! It really is a fun pattern that sews up quickly! Maybe you found a use for your knit?? ;)

  2. I just saw your blog post! Thanks for the Lily Shine love :)