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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oui, Oui, Paris!

Outfit 117 - 2013-14 School Year

So, we are back to a Paris themed outfit. Actually, this shirt was supposed to go with the skirt I did a few days ago, but when I put them together, I didn't like it. So, I made a pair of capris to go with it and liked that look much better. I used another of Applique Junkie's faux smocked patterns to make the shirt

For today's pants, I used a black and white polka dot fabric from JoAnns that I honestly hate. It has the worst feel to it ever. It was the only black and white polka dot they had and I didn't have time to hit another store. I even came home and washed it with fabric softener, still ugh. The pattern, however, was amazing. It is from Jocole and is their Mega Ruffle Pant. I made it as a capri length in the size 14.  

So, here is our Walmart white tshirt with the Applique Junkie faux smocking and Jocole Mega Ruffle capris.

It was a fun and cute outfit! 

So, another week of sewing come and gone. Testing has now come and gone and we leave three weeks from tomorrow. Yay! Counting the days :) I've turned into that terrible end of the year mom that I read about on Jen Hatmaker's blog Im glad somebody was real about that because I really thought it was just me. Lately, I feel like you could pluck my nerves like guitar strings. It seems like every minute of the last three weeks is planned out and everywhere you turn someone has their hand out for money, time, energy and I am, frankly, exhausted. And, if you know me, you know I make sewing for this blog a priority. It comes first. I committed to this and I am not going to throw in the towel at mile 22. However, a lot of people in my life don't seem to respect it and the time it takes to do it. Either that or they think I am some sort of mystical sew fairy that can whip things up in three seconds. I am also the worst 'no' sayer to anyone. So, pretty much all you have to do is stand around and keep asking me to do something and eventually I will. So, here I am, three weeks before school is out feeling like my legs are about to fall out from under me and no one seems to care :( Its oh why can't you make it to this after school thing, oh by the way we are having an extra after school practice, oh could you just make x-y-z. Oh youre busy, well I am sure you will still do a great job. I try not to put too much negativity on the blog, but I am feeling like a run over bus today and this was about my only place to rant. So, thank you for putting up with my ramblings (I saved them till the end for the folks who just come for the pictures). And if you are feeling crazy here lately and just dragging yourself to the finish line called the end of the year - I am with you.

See you Monday :) 


  1. I hope things go more smoothly for you!! Hang in there!!

    1. Aww, thank you. I was just feeling like a too tight guitar string earlier. I don't post a lot of "feeling" posts on here but I just needed to rant :) I ended up at a friends house for bunco and good food and feel better now :) Thank you for your sweet comment and positivity. Have a wonderful evening!