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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

Outfit 98 - 2013-14 School Year

It has been a LONG day that is shaping up to be a LONGER night. I did end up going to the Aquarium for his field trip, so I was up at 6am and got back home around 5pm. The kids were good and had a good time. The Georgia Aquarium is pretty awesome if you are looking for a cool place to take your kids (and in Georgia, I mean literally cool because it gets pretty hot outside around here and its a nice indoor visit.) Plus, right next door, you can go to the World of Coke. It's pretty neat, too. And since both are in downtown Atlanta, there is plenty to do around there.

That being said, it is 11pm and I am just now working on the blog and had to go back to the cutting board (or table if you want to be literal), because the first thing I was making her (a new pattern) ended up not fitting (gotta hate that). we are getting today's blog post up so I can get back to sewing. Not to mention I am SO tired I am dizzy. So, if tomorrow's garment is wonky - I blame sleep deprivation :)

Today's outfit is another knit upcycle BUT we are using a different pattern company. I was curious about the differences between the Create Kids Couture and this one, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I made one of these earlier in the school year. It is from Funktional Threads It is their very popular Rachel knit dress.

It has a ton of options from short sleeves to flutter sleeves to long sleeves - hoods - stripwork skirts - circle flounce skirts. Very versatile. As far as differences from the CKC versions, this one is a more liberal fit where the CKC is a more body skimming silhouette for the bodice. They are both good patterns and I honestly would recommend both because there is enough difference to impact the final project. The Funktional Threads one comes in a sz 2-16 where the CKC versions come in girl sizes and a separate tween size. 

Overall, I loved this dress. I think this may have been my favorite Disney upcycle yet. It is a Beauty and the Beast sz L (womens) that I bought on clearance from the Disney store. I did 2 flounces for the skirt and a flutter sleeve with a lettuce edge and a contrast fabric back. So, every beauty needs her beast, although I think there would be an argument over who was who from my two models. Today, she is being featured with my beautiful 9 year old Papillon,  Lucie who we rescued from a Papillon Rescue in Atlanta. She is an amazing dog who doesn't leave my side. If you are interested in adopting a rescue Papillon check out these two sites - they have Paps all over the country who need good homes and who doesn't love a butterfly dog? and .

I present - my two beauties (no beast ;) ) in a Funktional Threads Rachel in a size 12.

Ok, so I am going to publish this and get back to tomorrow's outfit before I fall out. See you *yawn* tomorrow for outfit NINETY-NINE!

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