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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pretty in Pink (and black and white)

Outfit 97 - 2013-14 School Year

Today we are revisiting a Create Kids Couture tween pattern It is the Create Kids Couture Cosette

I did some things different this time. First, I left off the bottom ruffle and just did the contrast band. Second, I made the back ties 40" so they would make a longer bow. I used Minnie colors so it would still be something we could use on the trip but subtle enough to be every day wear. 

Check today's Create Kids Couture Cosette out!

Tomorrow my son's 7th grade class will be travelling to Atlanta to go to the Georgia Aquarium. I'm always a paranoid ninny whenever they are travelling without me. I think I may go up but he has to go with the school. If I go, he can come home with me. So, if you are of the praying sort, if you wouldn't mind praying for him to have safe travels (and me too if I drive up). If you aren't familiar with Atlanta, this is why I'm a nervous Nellie about it

Hopefully we will have some pretty fishy pictures to show you tomorrow. Some like this maybe?

Hope to see you tomorrow! Have a great evening!

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