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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Be strong and courageous, dear daughter...

Boy, having a child in their tweens is sure a tough time. They are teetering on the edge of independence and responsibility, but they still have some child left in them that needs molding and looking after. As much as my daughter is mine, she is a child of God, too. Today's outfit really means a lot to me for multiple reasons. It is an upcycle of one of my old t-shirts. The front of it reads: Strong and Courageous Joshua 1:9. The actual bible verse for Joshua 1:9 reads:
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Man, aren't those amazing words? He is telling my sweet daughter, his child no matter the situation, be strong. No matter what she does, where she goes, she is never alone and He is with her. AND he is telling me the same thing. I have to be strong enough to begin to let her go, but I can take comfort in knowing that even when she is away from me He is with her. I think as a mom, I need to hear this type of verse sometimes. I have dedicated almost 13 years of my life to raising kids and, frankly, sometimes it scares me to think that in five years, my oldest will be a senior. Letting go comes whether you are prepared for it or not and we are commanded to be strong and courageous. She has to be strong enough to go. I have to be strong enough to let her go. Man, that is some deep stuff tonight.

So, are you ready to see the dress that inspired this? It is a pattern by an amazing designer who does a lot with knits. And who doesn't like knits, right? Ok, hold on, some of you are having tremors thinking about sewing knits. I PROMISE you, it will be ok. Check these patterns out and you will be whipping out comfy, unique, one of a kind clothes for your little on up to the tweens in no time! So, the designer is (DRUM ROLL) Funktional Threads. Here is her etsy shop link: and she has a Facebook page at And let me just say - Lisa is amazing. Again, she probably doesn't know me from Adam and I get nothing over here for recommending her patterns, but I will always give props where they are due. Here is her picture for the cover of the pattern I used for today's dress - The Rachel (and come on now, you had the hair, now you can get the dress!) 

It goes up to a SIXTEEN! and had options for a slimmer fit. AND if has SO many options. You can have a hood, flounces, paneled skirts. You can jazz this puppy up as much as you want and I don't think I have ever seen a bad one. Lisa also just had a sew along to make the Rachel sleeveless. You can find it on her Facebook page. 

So, here is my strong and courageous young woman in her Funktional Threads Rachel Knit Dress

It's bright, its fun, it twirls, it means something...does sewing really ever get any better than that? 

So, week 2 of the 

is in the tank. Tomorrow is Friday, so it is spirit day at school - which means Chick Fil A biscuits for breakfast, school tshirts and a football game tomorrow night. We will be back at it on Monday with one of the most special dresses I will make this school year. You will have to swing by on Monday to check it out. You won't regret it! (I hope, right? Being that right now its just fabric...;) ) Have a blessed and safe weekend and get out your sewing machine! There is someone who would love something handmade from you - even if it is YOU!

Till next time,

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