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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Calorie Free Deliciousness!

Yes, it is 8:21, so I have 40ish minutes till it's time for my man, Tim Gunn and the protegees of Project Runway, so let's get today's blog on the road and in the books.

Today's outfit is a product of a pattern test that I was super excited to be picked for. You may know Candy Castle Patterns from some of their previous pattern releases that are super dee dupity cute. She has the Bubblegum Dress and the Magic Gumdrop Bubble Dress, so I knew she was going to be up my alley talking about all of this sugary sweetness. You can check out her Facebook page here I think you may have to ask to join the group, but it is soooo worth it. Her shop is down right now as she is getting ready to kick off a major fall reopening. One of the awesome patterns that will be available is another delectable dessert - The Triple Layer Cake Tunic. I tested the sz 12/14. It is a well written pattern that can be dressed up and made from silks or satins or made more casual in cottons. I made mine from upcycled Sari fabric. I got the inspiration from one of my husband's coworkers. She is Indian and wears the most AMAZING clothes. One day she brought in some silk sari yardage for me and I fell in love! I so want to go to India and shop their fabric markets. It would be off the chain, right? Since flying to India wasn't in my cards, I hit up Etsy and found sellers that sell bundles of Sari scraps that have been cut up of old Saris. They ship directly from India, so don't buy these if you are in a hurry, but go right now and check out Etsy. Search for Indian Sari Fabric and see the results you get. And these silks are sooooo silky (no pun intended :) ). The bodice is lined which I used a cream colored cotton and the a-line base that the ruffles are built on are a black cotton. You button this in the back or you can use snaps for those who aren't comfy with the button holer. And, hey, I totally get that. I mean you put buttons on typically last and if you screw up there - thats a lot of seam ripping. I have had to do it myself. I actually had to do it on this tunic and was TERRIFIED the silk was going to be in shreds. I have no idea why but one of my buttonholes got all possessed and drove off on its own making it slanted?? But, there aren't many things a seam ripper can't fixed so nobody sees the oopsy now! The sash on this is made of dupioni and the pattern has the option to tie it in the front or in the back. To complete this ensemble I made a pair of Jocole's skinny pants which you can find here on Etsy at I made them out of a black dupioni which had such a cool sheen. They almost looked leather. Anyway, she totally rocked this outfit. At school today, one of her classmates asked her if she could have it. See - you SO can make cool clothes for your tweens. 

So, I present to you Candy Castle Patterns Triple Layer Cake Tunic. I hope you will consider this pattern and "bake" up one of these confections for your little miss!!

As usual, the pictures are brought to you by her talented daddy/photographer BFJ Photography

Tomorrow is Spirit Day, so she will be wearing a school shirt BUT I have a special blog post for you tomorrow featuring a Mommy pattern. Now, I will tell you in advance, I am NOT one these super skinny gorgeous mommies that are on most of the blog. I am working on my weight but I am where I am right now and I want to show you that you can make clothes for YOU too and you can feel beautiful no matter what size you are. 

See you tomorrow - now go watch Project Runway :)

Till next time,

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