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Monday, August 26, 2013


I promised everyone a special post today and I am here to deliver. Why is today so special? Today is my baby princess's 10th birthday. We have had a CRAZY weekend. She had a blast at her pool party Sunday and had ice cream on the playground at recess today. But what does this have to do with the blog? Well, she designed a princess dress to wear to school today. Her criteria was it had to be blue and she wanted something that was flowy and made her think of water. I made the mistake of taking her to JoAnns to pick out her own fabric and walked out really poor even with coupons! Ombre satin, glitter tulle....We used a commercial pattern as a jumping off point. It was Butterick 3714 View B size 12.

I really only picked this pattern because a.) it was 1.99 at Joanns and b.) it had a similar bodice and circle skirt so I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel. I did a freeform ruching overlay on the front bodice and embellished with some aqua sequin trim. The back I just cut the tulle the same as the back bodice. I did a gathered tulle overlay skirt over the main skirt. I was riding a wing and a prayer with it, too. With as crazy as this weekend was, I got the bodice finished on Saturday evening and the dress completely finished last night. I didn't make a muslin, so I was crossing my fingers because commercial patterns can go all over the place with sizing. Fortunately, it fit perfectly *whew*. I handstitched the lining down last night and around 11pm, all was done. Of course, you realize what that means, right? I have to get something made for her tomorrow tonight! So, as soon as I post the blog post for tonight, its off to sew sew sew! 

So, may I present to you - Her Royal Highness, the Birthday Princess in her Water inspired gown

This one above is my absolute favorite of the group. I feel like it really embodies the water/flowy feeling she was going for. She said she felt beautiful and that means the world to me.

Happy birthday, sweet beautiful girl. May the next year be full of blessings and wonder as you grow. Your mommy and daddy love you very very much!

So, I guess I need to go make something for tomorrow :0 Do you have any go to quick sew patterns for tweens? If so, share them here. I would love to know some for backups!

Till then (and wish me luck),


  1. Just beautiful! I have a daughter the same age and grade as yours and love your blog posts!! I am looking forward to your pattern picks for the year and your inspirtations! All the Sig creations skirts are quick and easy to make for tweens!

  2. What a beautiful dress!! Happy birthday!

  3. Melissa - thank you! And we love SIG too. I wish I could make the Poppy maxi for her to wear to school, but we have to have 3" straps :<( She has worn the sig skirt and I have the Delaney which I am planning on making with the closed back and probably layering a plain shirt under it.

    Lynnora - thank you for her birthday wishes and the kind words about her dress!

    All the best!