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Monday, August 19, 2013

It's just another manic Monday!

Happy Monday! Its the start of another week of the

To start things off this week, I did a pattern from a blogger/pattern designer that I adore. I fell in love with her patterns from her adult line.
This is the Washi dress from Made by Rae. It is HANDS DOWN one of the more comfortable cute dresses for grown people. You can buy the pattern here and let me just say I HIGHLY recommend you do. It is amazing.

Ok, back to tween sewing. I heard Rae was going to release a kids version of the Washi and I was all ears. Then, the pattern was released and it was for little girls only (insert sad wah-wah-waaaaaah music). Then, what should I hear? That Rae was expanding the sizing up to a *drum roll* 12!!! Hip Hip Hooray! The adult Washi has either a shirred or elasticized back waist where the kids version, the Geranium, is a button back. It comes with several options for the neckline, gathered or pleated skirt and SUPAH cute inseam pockets (just like on the Mommy dress). You can see the Geranium pattern here and while you are over there, check out her blog. She doesn't know me from Adam and I get nothing for pimping her page and patterns, but I have no problem letting people know a good blog when I find one. She is a cool mix of kids and adult sewing and her writing style keeps you interested.

So, here is my interpretation of the Made by Rae Geranium

The bodice is a sweet buttery soft voile and the skirt was a printed panel repeat with birdies <3 <3 it. And get the flower buttons in the back, aren't the precious???

Hope your Monday went well. We start normal school stuff this week. Boo Hoo! Tests and book reports - fun days!!

Here is something else that might get your week off on a positive note. My middle schooler son entered the back to school bash pie eating contest yesterday AND WON!
It was FROZEN cherry pie (they hadn't let them sit out long enough to thaw). He ate over half of a regular size pie. Insane, right? Then about 11pm last night, he comes out of his room moaning that he wanted some Gas X. (He would love that tidbit being on the internet!)

Have a wonderful week!

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