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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Camera Ready

Hope your Tuesday is going well. Today was a run around like crazy day around here and of course we had cross country after school. Is it bad that I was praying for rain? Our coaches have cleared out a one mile trail behind the school for practice, so I have to run with her to make sure she doesn't get lost back there. I am a runner anyway but trail running is WAY different than road running. Take a look at what happened while we were on the trail yesterday
Nice, right? Of course it was nothing that some peroxide and neosporin couldn't take care of. Fortunately, today I made it through unscathed with the exception of a little mud.

On to today's outfit, shall we? Today is an homage to her father. As a side job, my husband is a photographer. He has been game enough to take pictures of her every morning around 7am rain or shine to help me with this project. What a sport. I say he's a keeper. So, when I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby
I had to grab it to make something for her that honors him. You can find this camera fabric here online at Hobby Lobby or in your local store.

The pattern for today comes from another talented designer that I have been privileged to do some pattern testing for - Heidi and Finn. You can visit their blog at Here are a couple of the patterns I have tested for them. This first one is the Sporty Maxi Dress. You can get the pattern on their Etsy store here: It is so cute, easy to sew up and has on trend high-low hemlines and a racerback.
We also tested the summer maxi dress which you can see here:
Most of their patterns go up to a size 12 which makes them great for tween sewing.

Today's pattern was the Colorblock Dress which you can find at

Daddy loved it and she did too! Always love when I can knock a home run and please more than one person! And she loved this vintage camera. If you are in the West Central Georgia area, you should check out Gina's Junk. She has the most amazing things. She has a blog here and you can see her on Facebook at We got this camera, some vintage crochet doilies, and my son got some naval pins and a WWII book. Its truly a junking paradise!

We will see you tomorrow on Hump Day! Halfway through the week already? Where does time go??

Till then,


  1. Excellent work. The colors are so vibrant! The color block dress is my favorite. I have the pattern and have been a little intimidated to try it.

  2. Thank you all! Jacqueline - don't let this pattern intimidate you. It is very well written and is easy to follow. If you have questions, I would be happy to help you or you can email Heidi and Finn directly and they have always been very sweet. All the best!

  3. I have just caught up on your first two weeks of school and I think what you are doing is AMAZING! This is by far my favorite look, it is so flattering on her, modern, and fun! I love the use of fabrics and how she just beams wearing it. 5th grade was my hardest year in school, know that what you are doing is going to make a huge impact on your daughter's life!

  4. Suzanne,
    Thank you for stopping by! We loved this dress too, especially since it had reference to her daddy with his photography. I don't know what I would do without him getting pictures taken to help me with the blog! So far, 5th grade has gone pretty well. She has some sweet friends and she gets along well with her teachers. It's been fun because all of her friends at school know about the project and they are always waiting to see what today's outfit will be. And when I go up to school at pick up, I get to hear about their favorites. It's actually great feedback because it tells me her peers DO want clothes like this, so hopefully other moms will keep sewing for their girls as they continue to get older. It would be a privilege to be able to make her prom gown and hopefully one day even her wedding dress. Then, maybe we will go back to the beginning with a christening gown? But, I think I will savor her being ten for the moment, because time definitely flies!