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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The FIRST day and the first day!

So today kicks off my Handmade School Year where I have committed to making my fifth grade daughter something new to wear 4 days a week (with some exceptions and Fridays are school spirit days, so she wears a school tshirt). Today was the first day of her LAST year of elementary school. Man, the time has flown.

Today's dress was a collaboration between my daughter and me. She spotted this sheer leopard/animal print fabric at JoAnns last week and proclaimed the eureka moment that she had found her first day of school fabric. Being that the fabric was sheer, it had to be lined. I grabbed some coordinating chocolate brown lining fabric which contributed to this dress being aptly nicknamed the Slip and Slide. Oy! That stuff wanted to go everywhere.This dress was a self constructed design. I took a draping class this summer and purchased an industry childrens sz 12 form. My daughter's requests were a blousy bodice (she is very sensitive about her budding shape) and a twirly twirly skirt. I think we achieved that. My only real complaint is that I think I went too blousy with the bodice and it could look frumpy. I am facing challenges with her shape right now. First, she is developing in the chest. The bigger problem literally and figuratively is that she has put on some weight this summer. Primarily it has centered in her abdomen which has made it like fitting a tall toddler. It also has skewed her pattern sizing with that her chest measurement is primarily a sz 12 at 29" but we wont even discuss her waist measurement. It looks like I may end up doing some grading on purchased patterns to accommodate her size discrepancy. I have noticed though in a lot of children they will gain weight right before a growth spurt, so maybe she is storing up for her next vertical climb.

I draped the bodice and created the pattern piece for it and then decided to make an elastic waist by sewing the gathered skirt (which wasn't draped, just did 2 pieces width of fabric with my desired length) on at a 5/8 seam and pressed the seam up to make a casing. I added a ruffle on the bottom which was wof x 4 (lots of gathering fun there). End result, she was happy which made me happy. She twirled all day which MADE my day.

So here are the pictures from day 1! We survived our first day of 5th grade!

So, day 1 went well I think. I am hopeful to be able to draft more custom things for her as I build my confidence and experience in pattern drafting and design.

Did you make your little one a new outfit for the first day of school? Share your links below. I would love for you take this journey with me. And to end on I will share a picture of both of my kids from their first day. Sending you and yours wishes for a wonderful school year.

Until tomorrow,

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