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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A little lace and a pretty face

How in the world did Thursday sneak up on us soo fast? I mean in just two hours, Project Runway will be on and I will be in Mommy/Seamstress Heaven. But for now, we have to talk about this awesome skirt. What makes it so awesome?? I designed it and she loved it!! Yay!! This skirt was a HUGE hit at her school today. Several girls told her it was their favorite so far AND that they wanted one! And you know, I kind of want one, too! Which is why all of us will be able to make this! That's right. This is going to be my free tutorial for you guys! And, it is measurement based, so you can make it for you, your tween, your toddler, your grandma, your neighbor, the postal name it! I am so excited to offer you this. It will be coming to you next week. Why next week? Well, we just found out today that next week is Spirit Week for Homecoming, so she will be dressed in theme next week and I couldn't bear to leave the blog quiet for a week - so tutorials it is. She on the other hand will have Duck Dynasty Day, Pajama Day, Character Day, Jocks and Nerds Day (does anyone have a problem with this but me?) and then school spirit day. But, back to the tutorials - start checking back maybe even as early as this weekend!. AND I am getting ready to participate in the Project Run & Play sewalongs (YES Project Runway kids version!) It is mostly for the younger set, but I am here to shake things up and bring the tween to the runway! You can check out Project Run and Play and see previous seasons at It is amazing. I am so excited to participate. The first challenge is a pattern mix up of the Oliver & S Popover dress. I am going to regrade this to fit my Miss and tweenify it. You can participate too! They have great prizes for the sewalong and it is just such fun. The free pattern is at

So, without further ado - I present to you - my lace asymmetrical skirt.

If you want to be getting ready for this project - you will need some 2" elastic, stretch lace, and a knit for the underskirt - thats it. It will be all measurement based - no pattern pieces necessary. You need some width, some length and some time and we can all be rocking this skirt together! Looking forward to sharing it with you!!

So, go eat dinner, get the kids bathed and get ready for Project Runway. When we get back to our normal sewing schedule - we have coming up Modkids, The Cottage Mama and Create Kids Couture!

Have a wonderful evening and till next time,


  1. Oh my!! I am loving this skirt!! It is so cute!!! I can't wait for the tutorial!! :)

  2. Just gorgeous!! You are so talented!! Can't wait for the tut! I am in agreement with you on having an issue with the "Jocks and Nerds Day". In a world full of stereotypes, I try really hard not too and teach my kids not too. There is a lesson to be learned everywhere=)