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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mad for Plaid! Project Run and Play Week 3 - Or as we call it around here - Work those heels!

Today's post is early for a couple of reasons. First, tonight is Project Runway and I definitely don't want to miss out. Tonight is the make your own fabric challenge and I ADORE that. I love hearing the stories behind the fabrics. Also, today is the deadline for entering the Project Run and Play week 3 Plaid challenge and I don't want to miss the boat on entering this week!! So, buckle up, because today we have leather, plaid and some work it, Mama heels. And I tell you, as I type this, she is wearing this whole look at school today - heels and all (although she does have a change of shoes with her, because I so didn't see her lasting a whole day in strappy leather heels!)

So, the challenge was plaid and this was the first week where I instantly had a vision and I was SO happy when I was able to almost match my vision exactly in my final garment. You've probably noticed in all of this season's fall fashion magazines that leather is HOT right now. So, I saw this industrial leather plaid dress with the mix of grunge plaid, rock and roll leather all bottled up into the most sophisticated starlet look you have ever seen. I loved the irony of trying to blend the grunge/rock and roll textiles into something so ladylike. Think pearl jam mixed with the rolling stones all blended together with some Audrey Hepburn. I knew I didn't have a pattern that had every element I wanted, but I knew I had one that would serve as an awesome base.

The Cece Peplum Top/Dress Pattern by Popolok

You can purchase this pattern here

I took the Cece pattern and mixed it up to showcase both the plaid and the leather. One the front bodice, I decided I wanted a three inch leather inset. So, I cut 1.5" off at the side of the pattern with the fold as you can see here.

You then will cut 2 of the bodice front mirror image and one of your inset piece on the fold. When you cut, you have to add seam allowance to all three pieces to give you the ability to sew them together and not effect the finished measurement of your front bodice.

On the skirt, you are given measurements to cut. I wanted to have a leather border on the skirt, so I cut my skirt pieces 3" shorter than the tables called for. Then, I cut my leather pieces 6" wide by the same length as my skirt panels. I wanted this to be a border, not gathered at all, so they were exactly the same width. Then, I folded the leather strips in half right sides together and attached to the bottom to keep me from having to hem the leather and I liked the way that border edge looked.

For the peplum, I used the leather pieces to keep it tough!

Attitude is worth a million bucks - her accessories, about $10. Beauty comes from within and she definitely worked each of these accessories. We went to Goodwill and found the iconic strappy black leather shoe, a Chanel inspired quilted faux leather bag with gold studs, and a black sheer scarf. Ten bucks and done. I was popping some tags and she was popping some style. You so don't have to spend a lot of money to look stylish.

Are you ready for the grand reveal? I know I am SO ready to show you. This was probably THE BEST photo shoot we have had so far this year. She put this on and transformed into a diva.

The look I was going for both in the dress and my images was like the ones you see on The Sartorialist He catches beautiful, fashionable people just out looking beautiful and fashionable. I think we achieved that.

Project Run and Play Week 3 - Plaid Challenge

 This is Ethel Barrymore's star in front of our local theatre. We have stars for all of the famous people who have performed on our stage.

And what a way to finish! 

I hope you have enjoyed my Project Run and Play entry this week as much as I enjoyed making it and she enjoyed wearing it. Cross your fingers that she hasn't twisted an ankle at school since she has cross country practice, but you do have to admit those heels are fierce!

Till next time!


  1. It's always so fun to see what you create! Such fun photo shoots!

  2. Thank you so much! We are having a great time with this project and she was a dream to shoot in this! Thank you for coming by!

  3. Thank you so much for coming by and your sweet words!

  4. Love that pattern and she is such a great model!

    1. Thank you! I keep thinking she may get tired of having her pictures taken so much to keep up with the blog, but she has been a great sport so far

  5. I love what you did here!!! My daughter is going to love this look so much and she will be jealous for sure lol.

    1. Thank you! This pattern was amazing and this has been her favorite outfit tied with her birthday dress so far! :)

    2. Thank you! This pattern was amazing and this has been her favorite outfit tied with her birthday dress so far! :)