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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Run and Play Sewalong Week 1 and Homecoming Week Day 2

Don't call it a comeback, cause Ive been here for well days....Um ok LL Cool J flashback over. Let's get on getting on.

This is some crazy busy days in my house! Of course we are on day 2 of Homecoming week which was Lazy Day (middle school)/Pajama Day( Elementary School) which is smart thinking. If you sent some middle school girls to school in those skimpy things they call pajamas, those boys (my son included) would lose what little bit of hormonally charged minds they have left. So, here they are for Lazy/PJ Day!

So, now to the big business at hand. You didn't REALLY think I wouldn't sew for her this week, did you?? Because of course I did. If you have stopped by ever, you may already know I am a Project Runway nutjob. I love it. I love Heidi. I superdeedupity love Timmy Gunn. Watch it EVERY Thursday, yes I do. Well I mentioned a few posts back that there is a Project RUN AND PLAY for KIDS (! I have followed it for the last several seasons. They select a number of bloggers to be the "designers" for the season and each week there is a challenge. The challenge entries are up for voting and the project with the least amount of votes is out (Insert Heidi Klum voice here). This season has some AMAZING talent and the first round challenge is up for a vote. The challenge was to take the Oliver & S free Popover dress pattern found here and remix it. And besides the designers featured, the general public has the option to participate in a sewalong and enter their creations to be judged as well (prizes, folks, there are prizes...) As you know, one of the major reasons I am doing this blog is to promote tween sewing. Well, the majority of the entries on Project Run and Play are from the smaller folk set, so I want to shake it up this season and show everyone that sewing does not stop at a size 8. The Oliver and S pattern only goes to a size 8, so that  might scare some people off. PLEASE don't let it! So, let's talk about what I did and my inspiration:

This dress is the Popover dress and for some reason, I couldn't get Pink's 'So What, Im Still a Rockstar" out of my head when thinking about it - Pop Star/Rock Star. So, now we are thinking leather, shiny, sheer - rock on!

Patternwise: I used the dress pattern piece and graded it out to a size 12 from an 8. Ultimately, that ended up adding an inch all the way around except for the fold. The chest measurement for the sz 8 was 28.5 and she is somewhere between 29.5-30 depending on where you hit her. So, that 1" added 2" to the pattern. I cut the front on the fold and the back as mirror images. I took that redrafted front and back dress piece to my size 12 dress form, lined up where I wanted the underarm area to hit and pinned it. Then I took some freezer paper and drafted a front bodice as one piece on the fold and the back as 2 mirror image with a slant/v shape. I used a faux leather for the bodice and a black broadcloth as the underskirt. Then I gathered some black chiffon over it. One of the hubby's coworkers gave me some BEAUTIFUL clothes and one of them had these rhinestone appliques on it, so I cut those out, put some wonder under on them and then sewed them to the outer chiffon layer. The back was cut as two pieces with the two inner edges serged and then sewed together to about 2" into the main body of the dress. I inserted a ponytail elastic and sewed on that KILLER rhinestone button to tie into the silver sequins on the front.

And if you are going to be a rockstar, you have to ROCK OUT on the pants. I got some metallic silver spandex and used the Jocole everyday legging in a sz 14 waist but 12 length. We found these black studded boots at the high end posh boutique Tarjay and a rock star is born. And before you even see the pics, let me explain the wig. First, I love it. It is INSANE! There was a wig shop downtown going out of business and they were 50% off!! We got a hot pink pageboy too, but that will be for later.

Ok, here are my pictures. I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Thanks to the hubs at BFJ Photography ( for hooking me up. And be sure to head over to Project Run and Play and checkout the designer's entries as well as the other sewalong participants. Rock on, friends, and don't be afraid to sew for the big girls even when the pattern size stops before your child's does!!

No Paparazzi, Please!!!

And of course, you know if a wig and a brother are involved, there's going to be nonsense going on. Here are some outtakes from tonight.

So, Peace out, friends! Tomorrow is character day (and hump day)! Stop back by and see what they dressed up as. Nope, I didn't make it. I was busy making a rock star ;)

And YES, the tutorial is coming. It is, really!

Till then,


  1. I love everything about this! Those pants are so great! Great job!

  2. Aww thank you so much! I loved this challenge and taking the pics was a blast. If you happen to see me rocking the wig, too, just dont say anything. ;) And if you want to recreate those pants - the pattern is Jocole Leggings (they do come in adult sizes, too if the 80s shiny metallic spandex is calling your name.) The fabric was from and is here
    Thank you for stopping by and all the best!

  3. What a clever way to remix the Popover Dress. It looks like a blast! I'd love for you to link your outfit to our Fall Clothing Party!!!

  4. so fun - I think the mask ones are my favorite of this shoot... she looks like she loves this 'pop star' look - and yet it is still modest and school appropriate (rather than what we often see in stores!) Awesome job!

  5. Way to take the remix all the way! Your model IS a rockstar--awesome photos!

  6. Your daughter is owning this! Love the look, and the lighting in the photos is so much perfection.

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments. The photographs are due to the fact that the hot guy that roams around my house is a photographer :) I thank you all for stopping by! Chelsea - thanks for the invite and I linked up! I love that you are sewing a lot of your kids clothes this year too!

  8. She must love it! It looks perfect for a popstar look.

  9. Love the look! Great way to make the dress 'tween' friendly. You should check out and link up to Sew Cool for the Tween Scene:
    Your daughter totally 'rocked' this photo fun!

  10. AMAZING!!! completely out did yourself. Wow.

  11. Your photoshoot is amazing...and for a tween!!! So age appropriate but so daughter would die. And your fit? AWESOME....(I could go on and on, can you tell?)

  12. Love the dress up session and your son in the purple wig is hilarious!!!