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Monday, September 23, 2013

Minecraft Mania!! Plus we are DIGGING for a winner!

Happy Monday and welcome back. Hope you had a great weekend. We sure did!

Today, we are going to be visiting a pattern from one of my favorite bloggers/designers - Lil Blue Boo. Ashley Hacksaw has literally been through so many situations in the last few years that would have sent me to hide under the covers forever. She is one of the bravest, most inspiring people I have ever known of. First, her father passed away and then she was diagnosed with cancer, all within a relatively short amount of time. But, all through both of these journeys, she decided she was going to "Choose Joy" and that became her mantra. She shared all of the ups and downs and personal sides of everything she went through. We all cried as she shaved her head during her chemo. We all cheered as the Cancer receded. She let us all be a part of her family and through it, I think she passed on some of her strength and optimism to us all. You can read about Ashley and see her creative offerings at her blog

Not only has she been such an inspiration to follow personally, she is also an amazing designer and pattern maker. She was one of the firsts to break ground into the upcycled knits genre. Her pattern offerings are from little girl up to womens. I have even worn her patterns. Her upcycled twirl skirt which you can see the pattern pic of here

I upcycled camo shirts to make a twirl skirt to run the Soldier Half Marathon in (ignore my face, I just finished running a half marathon and the hubs wanted a picture. I wanted to throw up. Our needs really differed at this point in life :) )

She has a lot of fun patterns and you can see the whole listing of them here
One of her patterns that I have been very excited about it the Sienna. It is an upcycled knit dress pattern that now goes up to size 14. You can also purchase add ons for it like flutter sleeves and a twirl skirt.

My child is pretty well addicted to Minecraft, but most Minecraft tshirts we have seen have been more masculine.. Soooooo, she persuaded me to get her one and make a dress out of it. I wanted to try the new Sienna pattern, so we had a win/win situation. She was quite the hit today with her Minecraft cronies at school. However, one girl in her class who didn't know what a creeper was asked about the frowning green bean on her dress. Oh, how I love fifth grade :)

And here is a shot of my handsome behind the scenes camera assistant. Doesn't he look excited to be there?

And some news some of you  have been waiting for - the winner of last week's drawing for Lindsay Wilkes upcoming book - Sew Classic Clothes for Girls. The winner is *drum roll*

Congrats Jody Lee Keeler Pierce!! I will be contacting you to get your address so we can get it shipped to you when the book is released after Oct 7! Thank you all for entering and reading the blog. This is only the first of many giveaways to come!

Thank you for stopping by and come back tomorrow to see what's on tap. She has her first official Cross Country meet tomorrow, so any prayers that it goes better than last week's fun run would be appreciated. We had practice today in the rain and brrrr Im still cold and wet!

Till next time,

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  1. Yay! I'm so excited to win something! Your blog is showcasing some great patterns!