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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Guest Mommy Today - Jessica!

Hold on, hold the phone, a GUEST mommy seamstress??  You might be thinking, 'You said YOU were going to sew everything this school year.' Yes, I know - let me explain what's going on. One of the cool Facebook groups I am on - the SIG Creations Pattern Group ( had a Sew and Swap. I had the fortunate pleasure to sew for a lovely lady named Jessica from Australia and her also sz 12 daughter. I sewed up a Poppy Maxi Dress

and I made one of the Maysen dresses

(Both pictures are the pattern covers from SIG Creations and are from SIG Creations)

Jessica received the dresses and posted a super cute picture collage of her daughter modeling them. She looked SO cute and it was such a privilege to sew for her.

In return, Jessica sent my princess a Delaney open back top and an Ava twirl skirt and they were beautiful! 

And so, my logic is....I made her daughter outfits and she made MY daughter outfits so it kind of counts as sewing myself - right?? :) It was such a fun project and I love to promote other talented seamstresses, so let me show you the beautiful outfit Jessica created out of these SIG patterns.

Isn't this outfit amazing? And the fabrics she chose were so flattering on her. She got a TON of compliments today. You can check out Jessica and her fantastic talent on her Facebook page at Jessica Sew and Sew

And, of course, the gorgeous pictures are by her daddy at BFJ Photography

Tomorrow I'm back with a self drafted skirt to share with you! Thank you for stopping by and be sure to visit SIG Creations and Jessica Sew and Sew on Facebook. These ladies will definitely inspire you! 

Till then,


  1. My goodness! I love it, love the blog about it. Just love, love, love!

  2. And we love YOU and your patterns (and are totally jealous of how ripped you are - but I digress ;) ) Thank you for thinking of the tweens when you design!