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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Deja Vu??

First, let me start by saying both of the kids ran their first cross country meet of the season. It was a "fun run" to get the kids used to racing, so it wasn't timed today. We compete against 5 other schools. I have to say, my little miss finished dead last. But, don't feel sorry for her, she crossed the finish line with a smile. I think we should all have her attitude sometimes. She runs very slowly, but she goes to every practice and finishes every run. She does have some days where she complains some, but for the most part, she keeps on keeping on. When she finished, though, she came up to me with big blue eyes and said, "I finished last." I told her, who cares - you finished way ahead of the people who aren't here and never started. You finished period. That's all that matters. It's not always about winning the race, it's about sticking in the race even when you are falling behind. She could have gotten discouraged and started walking or quit, but she didn't. She could have decided right then she would never run cross country again, but, she didn't. She kept on and I couldn't be more proud. (Although, I am pretty peeved that the race organizers went ahead and took up the finish line and started organizing the boys to start their run before she finished. When she got to the end she didn't even know where to go :( ) Seeing her run today made me think of this song and I want to share it with you and I want YOU to share it with your girls. 
No matter who you are - thin, thick, fast, slow - you have great purpose and you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You have the strength to finish your race, no matter how hard.

Ok, back to clothes. So, you might look at these pictures and be like - Wait a minute, haven't we SEEN this skirt before.

Yes, you have. So, why is it back? Well, it must mean I finished this one to give you the long promised asymmetrical lace skirt tutorial! Yep - it will be here this weekend. I am getting the pictures done and will get it up either tomorrow or Saturday, so come back and make your girl one, and you one, and your neighbor one. It will be written for ANY size. And you all can rock this skirt. Only thing I ask, I want to see pics of your beautiful girls when you finish it!

Here are some more pics of it

So, grab that 50% Joann coupon commotion coupon and grab some stretch lace in the color of your choice, some knit fabric and some 2" elastic and get ready because it's coming!

Did you get your Pirate donuts today? 

After a friend posted these on Facebook - it was a unanimous decision that Krispy Kreme would be visited and these Mateys would be joining us for Project Runway tonight. Oh yeah - How sweet can it be? Tim Gunn, doesn't get much better - except for maybe if I was on a Caribbean island getting a massage...yeah that might be a smidge better, but not much :)

I hope you guys have a wonderful PR Thursday and come back this weekend to make that skirt! Hooray!

Till then,

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