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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Because we are living in a material world and she is a material girl!

One thing about sewing a new outfit four school days a week will guarantee you is that you will definitely go through materials. And if you are trying not to have everything look alike - you will go through A LOT of material. So, my little miss is definitely a Material Girl and today's dress definitely gave me a chance to play with A LOT of materials. 

First of all, I big fluffy heart love knits. I know some people are scared of them and won't touch them, but I adore them. Knits sew up fast, they are soft, they are comfy. I bet if you look down at what you are wearing right now at least ONE article of your clothing is knit, if not more! Being that I do love the knits, the knits are not always easy to find - cute ones that is. These are some of my favorite knit suppliers:

AND where tonight's fabrics came from 

Today's dress is made from amazing Riley Blake knits. They have a soft hand and sewed up like a dream. So amazing fabrics need amazing patterns, so tonight we went back and visited MODKID by Patty Young and made the Melanie dress. 

Technically this only goes up to a 10, but when I saw the loose fit, I knew it would fit my miss. The main reason we need a 12 is to accommodate our rounded tummy and we didn't need it in this dress. This dress is also SO MUCH FUN!

I had all of these cool Riley Blake fabrics and decided to cut loose with this pattern, literally! I cut a triangle shape out of the front panel pattern piece and made a front insert. So, instead of one front panel piece, I had three. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to throw up a tutorial, but really it consisted up cutting a triangle piece out of the center of the front panel and cutting it on your fabric on the fold adding seam allowance and then cut two side pieces from what was left of the front panel pattern piece. Voila! Front panel insert. Check it out! 

This dress was TONS of fun. One of the teachers at school who gets the kids out of the car at drop off said it was like Christmas every day seeing what she was going to wear! That made me feel good. I have also have people tell me they have started sewing again because of the blog. That is exactly why I am doing this. Not only that, several of my daughter's friends say THEY have started sewing because of this project. And, to put the cherry on the sundae,  my own daughter has started selling stuffed animal clothes at school for a quarter and has already sewn three. I love seeing the passion of sewing and design ignited in these young girls. There was a time when it was commonplace to have your mom sew for you, all the way through high school. Now, her friends AND my friends are agog at me sewing everyday for her. If I can just get a few people to be interested in this craft and ignite a fire, then this blog has done everything I have ever wanted it to. 

Okay, Im a blabbermouth. Keep in mind, I sew at home by myself during the day and mainly talk to my cats, so when I get the chance to talk, I am pretty long winded. 

I present the MODKID Melanie pattern in Riley Blake fabrics with my own pattern alteration!

Do you see the POCKETS??? Don't we all love a dress with pockets??

Do you see the FALL in the background!! Leaves are starting to change! Yay!

Look who watched the photoshoot from just far enough away :)

Since I have wet your appetite for some fabric, lookee here what I have for you 
Click that link and you will get 

So, now go be a Material Girl!

But, you have GOT to come back tomorrow. I mean I am telling you, tomorrow's outfit may be my favorite of the year. It MAY have something to do with PLAID *hint hint* and MAY have something to do with a certain Project *hint hint*. You have to come back tomorrow to see it!!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful evening! Till tomorrow!



  1. I just came across your blog today from The Cottage Mama, and read the whole thing! I have a ten year old daughter with a difficult to sew for body type and you have inspired me to sew for her again. Thank You!

    1. Thank you so much for coming by! I am so happy to hear you are ready to start sewing for your daughter :) Share some pics or link your blog - I would love to see!