Thursday, September 12, 2013

Homecoming Day 4 - Jocks and Nerds (Ugh!!)

Today's Homecoming day was jocks and nerds, so we embraced our inner nerds and sent them on their way.

I am working on finishing up the outfits for next week. We will be featuring Modkid, The Cottage Mama, Create Kids Couture and Lil Blue Boo. They look great. Homecoming week was fun, but Im ready to be back to normal (Im sure their teachers are too!)

Tomorrow is Spirit Day, so it is pretty benign.

So, I am getting my Project Runway fix tonight and am BEFUDDLED about their interpretation of the modern Southern woman as a, I think, modern Southern woman....What do Northern people think about us, really?? My, oh, my!

Speaking of Project Runway, Project Run and Play's theme for next week is CANDY! Can you say how fun that will be! I can't wait to get my project done AND to see the link up party. The link is

Till later,

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