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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fun and Funky Christmas

With the thermometer on my car saying 77 degrees and showing two more days in the upper 70s, it looks like December got lost on its way to Georgia! I hope my friends out west are staying warm. One of my friends in Washington state showed her low this week was going to be 1. What is a temperature of 1? Brrrrrr!

Today is another self drafty. I tell you - the tween patterns are getting fewer and farther between and I hate having to repeat a lot of patterns, but to be honest - there isn't a lot of 8-16 patterns out there. Today is another tshirt chop dress. This is where you measure down about 4-5" from the underarm and cut off the bottom of the tshirt. Then, you can add whatever you want. I had some fat quarters that I cut in half and sewed together using 3 fat quarters. That made 6 panels. Then, I just added a ruffle to that.This method works for any size (well you will need more or less skirt fabric based on the size - but you get the point. Basically, measure the bottom of your shirt, multiply that by 2 and aim for that amount for your width. That way when you gather it, you end up with a good amount of ruffling. For older gals and adults, you might want to cut it down to 1.5 so you don't have as much bulk. To make the bottom ruffle, you take 4x the waist.) You can do this to a onesie or you can do it to a 3x. And, frankly, I think they always turn out pretty darn cute. I added a little bib out of zebra fabric on the front of the tshirt to tie it in with the skirt fabrics. All you do to do that is adhere a double sided fusible to a piece of fabric, figure out what shape you want, cut, peel the back, iron on and then do a zig zag stitch around the edges. I also did a rolled fabric flower that I glued onto a pin to add some pizazz. And there you have it - a fun, funky Christmas dress that is one of a kind - just like her!

I hope you guys had a wonderful day! See you back tomorrow!

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