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Monday, December 9, 2013

Peppermint Swirls and Chevron Dreams

Well, it's no secret that two of my favorite Tween designers lately have been Create Kids Couture ( and Juvie Moon ( Both of these design companies really seem to have an interest in expanding tween sewing and their finished products are stinkin' cute. Always. Never fail.

Today I had the privilege of pairing these two awesome tween designers together for one "sweet" look. This may be one of her most compliment garnering outfits this school year. Everywhere we walked on campus people were stopping and commenting on her outfit. She was beaming and, of course, it made this mama proud as punch!

Without further ado, let me tell you about what we did. We paired the Juvie Moon Lulu peasant dress (

with the Create Kids Couture Tween Cassidy Corset cover (

I did Lulu in a Red Chevron and Cassidy in a fun Christmas peppermint. And look at this fantastic result!

And while we are chatting, let me share my new obsession. I went into one of our local boutiques that sells all kinds of neato peachy stuff. They are also distributors of Tyler Candles ( Their candles are pretty awesome with great throw and really unique scents. But, they also have laundry detergent. The shop had the bigger jugs but they had little sample bottles two with about 3-4 washes worth in it. 

So, I grabbed a couple to try. Oh my word, they are divine. My clothes smell insanely good. I can't quit smelling myself. I got Diva, High Maintenance and the mens scent Icon. The small bottle is 7.50 ( but they are amazing. And if you read me locally, you can pick it up at The Beadcage. That was just on my mind and I wanted to share. 

Other things of note - tomorrow we go to the orthodontist to get her back brackets put on to start her six months of headgear. Crossing fingers that goes well. 

AND I, with another friend, are hosting our first pinterest party on Thursday. We have about 25-30 ladies who have RSVPd. Im nervous! I hope everyone has fun! 

Anyway, thank you for stopping by. In case you didn't see earlier, look at the post from last night to see my free no sew scarf tutorial. It is a lot of fun and we may be doing it at our pinterest party!

Have a wonderful evening and hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. I love it and Sid said "Oh, that's awesome I love it". Great look.

  2. So festive...I love it! Thanks for linking up! I feel your pain with the braces...we are just starting our journey on that road and it's not fun.

    1. Thanks for coming by! I was excited to find other people who are sewing for tweens. Its seems we are a small pool, but hopefully if we keep getting stuff out there, we will find more of us :) She wore her headgear for the first time last night and was so sore this morning. I went and bought her some carnation instant breakfast for tomorrow bc she couldn't chew her cereal :(

  3. This is absolutely stunning! You did so well! What a perfect combo <3

  4. I love what you made for your sweet tween! Perfect mix of whimsy and maturity!