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Monday, December 16, 2013

Its Time to PARTY! In the Caroline Party Dress that is!

Outfit 64: 2013-14 School Year

Good Monday! Today I am excited to bring you a beautiful dress whose pattern was released today. I have followed Hayley's Blog Welcome to the Mouse House for a long time. She has released two other popular patterns - the Norah dress which was one EVERYONE's blog and the Julia Women's Cardigan which is in my queue for selfish sewing if I can ever find time (what is that??). You can shop her whole pattern selection here

I pattern tested the Caroline and let me tell you, it is as classic as classic gets. Clean lines, vintage feel - classic pretty girl dress. From seeing the other testers versions, this is a dress that can be jazzed up for formal occassions or even made in knits. It goes up to a size 12 and really the 12 has room to grow. I can see her staying in this for a while. It has several options to include adding tulle to the underskirt for those peppy parties where you need a little kick of netting. Here is the pattern cover view from the Etsy ad

This pattern is SO well written. I think even an adventurous beginner could tackle it - even with that invisible zipper - because the directions are so well laid out. It has a fully lined bodice, optional belt loops. It is gorgeous. It even has *drum roll* one of OUR favorite things - POCKETS!!! And to celebrate its release, you can use the code "Caroline" at checkout to save 20%. I honestly can't recommend this one enough. Also in the works is the women's version!! I can't wait for that one. I love this vintage style - for both of us.

Being that this is the last week of school before the Christmas Break, we are going to keep with the Christmas theme. I present our version of The Caroline Party Dress by Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House and Mouse House Creations!

Baby, it was COLD outside!

Isn't it just classic and lovely. *sigh* I wish all girls still dressed like this all the time.

And because I don't talk about the older child as much, look at this picture the hubs caught of him this weekend. It breaks my heart because he doesn't look like a boy any more, you can really see him growing into a man. Two weeks from today, he will be a teenager *sniff sniff*. Where does the time go?

Thank you for stopping by tonight! And don't forget, if you are interested in getting the Caroline Party Dress with the discount - go to and use code CAROLINE at checkout to save 20%.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Such a lovely dress and photo shoot and daughter! My second just turned 13 this week...still boggles my mind that they grow up so fast!

    1. I know! My older one turns 13 in a little over a week. I know I just gave birth to that child! Time has certainly flown with both of them. Thank you for visiting the blog :)