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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It'a beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

I'm running late tonight! My son had his school Christmas choir concert tonight and we are just getting home good. Not to mention that the hubs had to be at work early this morning and didnt take pictures until this afternoon. It has been one of THOSE days definitely. Are you having those lately? The holidays are wonderful but can be SO stressful!

So, lets get to something fun - a Christmas outfit inspired by an apron. We have an awesome store here locally called The Junque Yard (isn't that cute??). Its a kind of high end thrift store. They have a lot of shabby chic there. One booth has these uber cute vintage aprons. When I saw this apron

Dont you just love this ric rac? *sigh* I was so born in the wrong era. Im a 50s girl at heart. I think we should all wear dresses all the time. Beautiful fitted bodice dresses with full circle skirts...but I digress ;)

So, I wanted to do a full skirted dress, but as I mentioned above I am slammed. Compromise? A peasant bodice with a gathered skirt and contrast hem band. Result = Love it! I used a pattern company I haven't tried before - 5berries. I don't know the designer. I found them through the PDF Pattern board on Facebook ( They are on Etsy here This particular pattern is the Olivia which can be found here

Its size range is nice - 12 mo - 12 yrs. The fit was good. It sewed up fast. All things Im looking for in a pattern. Instead of the sash, I used the apron. It was a match made in fabric heaven. These Christmas fabrics are from JoAnn. 

Here we go - 5berries Olivias Peasant with Gathered Skirt and Vintage Apron

Today was a whirlwind and tomorrow will be the calm before the storm. I am having my first Pinterest style ladies craft night Thursday. Im nervous and excited!! Pray that it goes well and that all of the ladies at least have fun! ((And if you have any craft ideas, let me know! They have to be relatively easy and quick!))

And for those of you following the orthodontist adventure, we got our headgear apparatus today. She is sleeping in it for the first time tonight. I hope it goes well. She has until late Spring in it and we have to wear it 10 hours a day or more. She got these metal bands around her back molars that have these tubes that we insert the headgear into. They should turn her molars back straight. They are at a diagonal now. She has been a real trooper! We go back in 6 weeks for our first adjustment.

See you tomorrow. Its going to be a late night because I am STILL working on tomorrows dress (1030 est).

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