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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Splendor

We survived our first night in headgear. Her teeth were sore but she was a real trooper! Today has been crazy and I have been running around trying to get everything ready for the Girls Night Out Crafting/Pinterest Party I am co-hosting tomorrow. Whew! I hope the ladies who come enjoy it!

Today's pattern is by another new to me designer. I did alter the pattern some. The designer was Lil Peas and Carrots but now goes by Romeo and Mae ( I made a twist on their Ava Knot Dress pattern which actually only goes to a size 10, so I must have bought this one a while back and just stumbled on it. I added a quarter inch to both side bodice seams to add a total inch all together and it worked fine. I just measured the width of the pattern piece, deducted seam allowance, and then added enough extra to accommodate ease with wearing a shirt under it. The pattern can be found here

The way they do the knot bodice is to have two buttonholes on your front and back bodice piece. I decided I would rather do shoulder ties, so I cut 4 pieces for the straps and measured in an inch from the outer corner and pinned them to my bodice pieces. Then when I sewed on my lining, it caught those straps in between the layers. I then had two straps on each bodice piece which I tied into a bow.

Check out todays pics! (I love today's pics and I have to give credit to my hubs the forever photographer. He takes her pictures almost every day, processes them, and never complains. Actually these are the second round of todays pictures. It was too cold this morning and she looked miserable, so we retook them tonight. See his other work at or in this month's Model Life Magazine).

I have been loving these festive dresses. I hope you have too! Thanks for stopping by tonight and I hope to see you tomorrow :)


  1. Headgear is no fun! I had to wear one for 3 years but I survived :)

  2. Gorgeous, love how you adapted it for your beautiful older girl :)