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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You're a cute one, Miss Grinch

Outfit 66: 2013-14 School Year

My next to last day for sewing for this calendar year for school *sniff sniff*. I am actually working on tomorrow's outfit and its kind of sad. This school year is halfway over on Friday. When I first had this idea to sew every day for this school year, it was kind of abstract. Now that its halfway done, I'm happy that I have stuck with my goal and if I can make it here, I, God willing, will be able to finish this school year. That's kind of my approach with running. When I run distance, once I make it to the halfway point, I *know* I can do it. Something about hitting mile 7 and knowing that I am more than halfway done or hitting mile 13. I have lots of goals for next year and I'll be sharing them with you once I wrap up this school year's sewing. Tomorrow is our last full day of school before the break. Friday is early release and pajama day. I can't believe Christmas is a week away! And then my son's 13th birthday will be a week from Monday. Time certainly does fly and we should cherish every moment.

Some people have asked whats going to go on with the blog over the break. Well, I hope to get a jump start on some sewing for January but you won't see those pics yet. I'd like to post some tutorials and we are also going to be travelling some after Christmas, so I will be sharing stories from the road. We will be visiting Asheville, NC for the first time and then heading over to Gatlinburg, TN for a few days. What are your holiday plans? Whatever they are, I hope they are safe and blessed.

Today's outfit is a store bought Grinch shirt from Old Navy and a circle skirt partially from the instructions from Dana over at Made The circle skirt tutorial can be found here

I found this red minky dot at a 1.25 yd remnant at Joann and the white fur was a .85 yd remnant. Remnants were 75% off that day so I was like *score*. I had 2" wide elastic, so I followed the tutorial for the elastic and circle skirt. Then. I measured the hem edge of the skirt to add the fur trim. I accommodated for the length of the elastic and the trim when I was cutting my main skirt fabric. For the fur trim, I sewed my short ends together and then folded it wrong sides together. Then, I pinned and sewed it on. And this kid got compliments everywhere from school to Atlanta Bread Co. to Bath and Body Works to Pier One. And it was SO easy. I recommend you try this tutorial. And when you see the twirl you get from this skirt - major wow factor.

So, check it out!

Come back tomorrow to see how we wrap up this calendar year of school sewing! Its going to be gorgeous. Of course, I will probably still be working on it at 2am, but it will be worth it!

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