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Monday, January 27, 2014

A Twirling Dervish

Outfit 79 - 2013-14 School Year

This has been that weekend. The weekend where everything lines up in your head as far as scheduling, but in practice nothing at all works out. I usually start my weeks sewing the Friday before. That didn't happen this weekend. My son made All District Honor Choir and he had practice Friday from 5:30-8:30 not to mention, she actually was home sick from Thursday at lunch through Friday. Saturday morning he had to be back at 845 until 3. Then we had to have him back for his concert at 6. My daughter also had her theater class on Saturday. Fortunately, though, she was feeling better. So, I figured I would just sew Sunday. I ran with my ladies running group Sunday morning, then went to Walmart to get supplies for a Premier Jewelry party that I hosted Sunday afternoon. When I got home, I had to shower, get the house cleaned up and cook for the party. Well, when I walked in the door, my husband was laying in the floor saying he had massive back pain. He took some Motrin and was better for a while. The party started at 2. My husband was supposed to have a photo shoot at 5. By 4, my husband was back on the floor in utter misery. After everyone left the party, I cleaned up and we decided to take him in to the Emergency Room. I had planned to sew at that point after my party while he was at his photo shoot. So, now we are at the hospital with severe back spasms (he collapsed several times just making it to the car.) Well, in the world of triage - back pain means you will be seen at the ER in about nine years. We got there around 6 and got home around 11. He had blood work, urine, and a CT scan. Turns out, Shaun T just beat him up. The doctor said it looked like he had a pulled back muscle that was having spasms. They gave him an IV cocktail that made him drunk and loopy and then we went home. Sooo....I started sewing around midnight. I knew that was a bad idea. I finished sewing around 2am. Now, that being said, as pretty as this ended up, two hours from cut to finish is pretty dang good. But, 2am when you have to get up at 630 is not. So, 630 rolls around and my kids get up. I slept on the couch so I didn't bother my husband. We usually kennel our dogs at night, but I figured I would leave them out since I was in the living room. When my son came in and woke me up, I smelled something horrible. I told my son our dog must have bad gas. My son shook his head and said um no.....and pointed. And in the middle of my living room floor was a huge, steaming, stinking pile of HUGE dog doo. I thought I was going to lose my mind. So, we got that cleaned up, got the house Lysol-ed and got the kids to school.

Long story short - I am SO freaking exhausted. So, God smiled on me and is sending snow to west central Georgia tomorrow and they have CANCELLED SCHOOL. I was afraid I was going to have another long night sewing an outfit for tomorrow - but I got extra time. Not to mention, I signed up for a few too many pattern tests and really need time for them too. So, I am going to post this and go to bed. Hopefully, I will be able to sleep in and wake up to SNOW! They are saying 4" is possible (ok, northern and midwestern folks - laugh - but we hardly ever get snow and 4" is a blizzard.) I stocked up at the grocery store today (with everybody else) so we are good to go. So, tomorrow instead of an outfit, I hope to post SNOW pics!

But, let's get to my midnight hour sewing, shall we. I must say to have gotten so tired that the phrase "so tired I can't see straight' applied - I am VERY happy with it. We are back to visiting our friends at Create Kids Couture They have a huge selection of tween patterns. Today I am going to show you the tween maxi skirt - the Gloria (

This picture actually inspired me. I had some amazing vintage fabric that I got in a box lot off of ebay that I knew would work PERFECT for this skirt. What I didn't know was the twirl value. It is amazing. She got compliments as soon as we got to drop off line this morning. And look at these pictures, she had so much fun in this skirt. Classic maxi styling with vintage fabric equals big fluffy heart love in my book.

Here we go with the Create Kids Couture Tween Gloria 

So come back tomorrow - not for the outfit - but for SNOW PICTURES! I'm hoping for all 4"! Yes, Im southern, so it's ok. Thanks for stopping by!

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