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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just one of those days

Outift 70 - 2013-14 School Year

So, like many folks around this time of the year, I decided to hop back on the wagon. After an obnoxious Thanksgiving and Christmas season, I topped it off with a decadent vacation. When we got home this past weekend, I stepped on the scales and I weighed the most I have ever weighed not pregnant. That, folks, is crazy talk. So, one of the talented designers I know is also a Beach Body rep and she was having a challenge. Sometimes its hard to go through eating right and exercising alone, so I signed up. So, I am doing a Shakeology shake at least one meal a day and making better eating choices. I am also working out. I have a couple of the Beach Body programs - T25, Insanity, P90x and Les Mills Pump. So, essentially, I have to tell you, right now I feel like crap. I am tired, crabby, and hungry. I know I have to make it through this to be successful. I will also tell you, I did not feel like sewing yesterday. So, I took the easy way out :)

Around here, the big monogrammed sweatshirts with the destroyed necklines are really popular. So, I went to Walmart, bought her a sz S womens sweatshirt, cut off the neckline and slapped my big 200x300 hoop on it and embroidered her monogram. Crazy thing is, little effort on my part but all of the girls (and teachers) at school loved it! She said they asked if I made them for other people (uh oh). I definitely don't have time to start my business back up - I barely have time to sew for her. On top of that, now exercise is having to be priority which cuts into sewing time.

So, if I am brain dead and crabby this week, I am sorry. I hope it gets better :) I hope my energy does too!

So here is my super easy Hump day treat! No pattern, just a sweatshirt with the neckline cut off and a monogram.

If you want more information on the Beach Body program, Astrid Novak is my coach. You can see the products here I wanted a jump start on getting back to eating healthy. I needed to get my willpower and head on straight. They have great exercise programs too. T25 is by Shaun T who does Insanity. It is only a 25 minute workout but it is so intense. My whole family is doing this and if you think you cant get a workout in 25 minutes - try this!

Hopefully I will get my mojo back up soon! Is anyone else in this boat with me???

OH! And today was report card day. I have TWO straight A students again. Very proud of my kiddos hard work this school year!

See you tomorrow!

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