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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby, it's COLD outside!

Outfit 69 - 2013-14 School Year

This morning at our house, it was 8 degrees. That is unheard of around here. School started an hour later to help the kids who have to go to bus stops (although, I don't know how the 4 degrees that were different between that hour really helped?). It made me very grateful that I have a roof over my head, blankets on my bed, and heat in my home. Sometimes, I think we take those small things for granted. A homeless man in my area died last night from exposure. If you were warm, you were blessed. I pray for that man.

One positive thing about this kind of weather is the beauty of nature with it. Today's pictures steal the show from my outfit. So, let's talk about the outfit and then we will get to the pics. I had some yummy stacks of knit fabric from one of my fabric knit suppliers EuroGirls Boutique. With it being so cold, I wanted something that had ease of movement and that could layer easily. I decided to go with Lil Blue Boo's twirl skirt.

I love this pattern for so many reasons. First, it sews up lightning fast. Second, it is great for upcycling (can't you imagine your favorite team shirt as one of the panels?). Third, it's twirly and cute. Finally, look at that size range! 12m - Women's XL AND doll pattern. Love it! I will tell you, it runs short (at least to me). I cut the girls size 12 in everything but length, I take the length to the women's XL line. 

For the shirt, I used a walmart long sleeved white tshirt and monogrammed her initials with the coordinating colors from the skirt. Then, I cut off the sleeves and opened them up at the seam and used it as a pattern piece to cut sleeves from the fabric I had used for the skirt. I did a rolled hem on the sleeve edge, but you very easily could have coverstitched or double needled a finish to make it match the bottom hem of the shirt.
Don't be afraid to alter pre-existing garments! It's those little touches that take something from everyday to unique!

It was a fun outfit that she looked cute as a button in! Now, check out these pictures! Imagine the temperature outside, she (and my photog hubby) were great sports!

This is my neighbor's fountain. Isn't it just beautiful?

Hope you are staying warm. And if you have spare blankets or heaters, take them to your local rescues. It is so cold out there. 

Stay safe, stay warm and we will see you tomorrow. Tomorrow is report card day!!

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