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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day!

Well, today did actually end up being the beginning of the Snowpocalypse (as we call it around these parts.) I think our weathermen were afraid of a beating after hyping everything up, but around 5pm, the heavens opened up and the snow started to fall. It is still lightly falling, but starting to taper off. So, school was cancelled today and will be cancelled tomorrow because our low is going down to the teens and all of this beautiful snow will be ice in the mornings. We southerners don't have the snow clearing equipment areas that are more used to this get. But here are some pictures in the fun. These are my cell phone, the hubs will probably have his professional grade ones tomorrow.

Also, a friend of mine posted this recipe and we tried it. It was really good!!

I do have our outfit ready to go for school Thursday. I am thinking they should go back then. AND on the upside, I will be able to get SNOW pics in this outfit. How often can I do that? Funny thing is - our highs this weekend are back up to the mid 60s.

For all of my visitors and friends impacted by this storm, stay safe and try to stay off the roads. I know our friends in Birmingham and Atlanta got hit harder than they expected. And a special thank you to our first responders, medical workers and all essential employees who are working during this time.

Stop by tomorrow for the REAL snow pics :)

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