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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

sNOw School Today :)

So today was Snow Day #2 and we had a blast. We ended up getting about 3" of snow. I know everyone in the north and midwest have been laughing at us over our 2-4" of snow, but it really is/was a dangerous situation here. First of all, our cities do not have the infrastructure to handle snow. Frankly, it is a cost/benefit thing. The last snow like this we had was in 2010. It's just not cost effective to have snow plows and salt trucks to use every four years or so. Second, we do not have cars equipped for driving in this weather. We don't have snow tires or chains. Third, we are not used to driving in icy conditions. Just this morning alone, there were about 65 accidents. I am grateful our administrators have cancelled school as they have to keep families out of the situations that occurred in Atlanta and Birmingham. And they have also cancelled school tomorrow because our temperature today didnt get above freezing and the snow that is left as well as that which has melted will turn back into ice overnight. The good news is we will be back in the sixties by the end of the week.

So, since we didn't go to school, I don't have an outfit, but here are some of my husband's snow pics from yesterday. It's a rare unicorn for us down here in the Southeastern United States, so enjoy!

The good news is, I already have two outfits in the tank for next week AND I was able to go ahead and get pics of them with our snowy backdrop! Come back tomorrow for more snow day pics and next week we will have more outfits!

If you are in the south and still have snow and ice, be safe!

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