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Monday, January 6, 2014

First Day of School! (Again)

Outift 68 - 2013-14 School Year

Ok - is it absolutely FA-REEZING where you are? Im a southern girl so this teenage temperature stuff is nuts! I whipped baby girl up something snuggly and cozy for their first day back for 2014, the 3rd 9 weeks and 2nd semester.

Today's outfit is 100% cashmere. Before you start thinking I'm a money bags, hold on! 100% cashmere upcycle! You can find cashmere sweaters with moth holes or that someone washed and it shrunk at thrift stores all the time (especially you northern and midwestern folks where it gets super cold). This dress was so soft and snuggly, I stuck my hand in her hood while we were out doing errands this afternoon!

As far as pattern, this is kind of a meshing of patterns and general ideas. As far as the neckline, hood, armscye, and sleeve (generally) - it was from my favorite Greenstyle Lacy n Lane hoodie I didnt do the usual sleeve treatments like the cuff and thumb hole, I just left the original ribbing. The dress shape is aline and I didn't use a pattern. I just built it on my size 12 form as I went. The look is similar to the Lil Blue Boo Sienna although I didn't use the pattern for it. I used contrasting black thread and did exposed seams. I know exposed seams aren't everybody's thing, but I liked the contrast look with the black serger thread.

Overall, it was a cute dress that I wish you had feel-a-vision before because it was dreamy. Check it out! (PS - The pictures were taken inside because it was SOOOOO cold. Tomorrow will probably be the same because it is supposed to be COLDER!)

Welcome back!! I hope you are ready for another 18 weeks of fun tween sewing. I know I am!

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