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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Over the river and through the woods to some scrumptious knits we go!

Welcome back! Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and that your short week is off to a great start! It is still SO hot here. I guess Mother Nature didn't get the message yet that it's after Labor Day and time to cool off. I ran 3 miles at the gym and then ran another 3 miles with our cross country team and I am pooped!

Today's outfit reminds me of those fashion design plates that I had when I was younger. You could mix and match the tops and bottoms and then you put paper on top and do a pencil rubbing to have 'sketches' of different outfits. Ok, so I totally showed my age here, but I just checked on and there is a version of this out at Toys R Us AND I found this picture from

Well, if you liked these then I have some patterns that you will love. Let me introduce you to Jodi Jean Baird. She is the mastermind behind Jocole Patterns. She has a ton of patterns from little folks all the way up to mommy clothes. Her website is One of her patterns that I have fallen in love with is actually not A pattern at all - its a Mix and Match line. Just like up there! This is from Jocole's website
Here's how to works ...
Step 1:  pick your bodice  (4 different options)
Step 2: pick your bottom (10 different options)
Step 3: pick your sleeves (10 different options)
(or leave it sleeveless)

Okay, now really, how amazing is that? You get to play fashion plates in REAL LIFE. I have used this for me and now I have used it for my little miss. 
These are the bodice options:
basic empire bodice
classy cowlneck bodice
racerback bodice
scoopneck bodice
These are the bottom options:
radiant a-line bottom (2 lengths)
basic tee bottom
playful flounce bottom (can added at the empire line or at the bottom of the basic tee bottom)
horizon bottom (3 length options)
sassy tunic & dress bottom (2 length options)

 These are the sleeve options (or you leave it sleeveless)
classic sleeves (3 length options, or 6 in the ladies)
flutter sleeves (plus a puff sleeve option)
sweet flounce sleeves (3/4 or long sleeve options)
petal sleeves

You can buy as many or as few of them as you want, but THEY ARE ADDICTIVE. You will want them all. I even have made some for me (basic bodice, radiant aline bottom, classic sleeves). And they sew up easy because they are KNIT. Who doesn't love a soft, easy to wear knit dress? Am I right?

So, today we have the basic empire bodice, radiant a-line bottom and classic sleeves. The deer knit and polka dot knit are from Euro Girls Boutique which you can find here
I honestly don't remember where the red and white stripe came from. It actually is there because I made a PDF Blunder and ran out of the red and white polka dot. I will elaborate more below.

Ok, so the pdf blunder. Apparently Adobe has updated their reader and if you use PDF patterns you REALLY need to read this. Now, you may have to tweak some settings, even on patterns you have used successfully in the past. Print a test page and measure your test box. If it doesn't measure the size it should, go here It gives you all of the steps you need to correct your printing. Don't make the mistake I made and end up with a missized garment. On the upsize, it did fit one of her besties, so not all was lost! 

Did I mention how cute the deer fabric is??? I big fluffy heart it. Go buy some now 

Tomorrow, I will have a "guest" mommy sewer and her gorgeous outfit from SIG Creations. Stop back by and thank you for coming over today!

Till later,


  1. I big fluffy heart that fox fabric too! And your pics are amazing. Awesome job mama!!

  2. Well, I have to thank daddy for the pics but thank you for your sweet comment!! And our shared love of fashion plates! :)

  3. Love it! And we had those EXACT fashion plates when I was growing up. I spent hours playing with them.