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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A duffle and a giggle

Today we are taking the opposite approach. Yesterday, we had the quick embellish what you already have outfit. Today, we are tackling a duffle coat. Outerwear, for the most part, is going to be more time consuming. But, when it works, it is AMAZING. Remember the hooded, quilted vest I posted last week. This is along the same line and actually from the same pattern designer. I am also going to mention the dress she wore today because this pattern maker is closing her doors for a while and is having a HUGE sale on patterns. I think you will be interested.

So, let's get this party started.

The first of today's clothing items is the newly released Downton Duffle from Peek a Boo Pattern Shop ( Let me tell you - if you are looking for well drafted, easy to understand, professionally finished garment patterns, you must check out this designer. The vest from last week was better constructed than most ready to wear garments. And, today's coat is NO exception. Here is the link to the classy Downton Duffle This is a classy, unisex pattern that goes from 3-6mo to a size 12. I actually had the privilege of testing this in a size 12 during its pattern testing phase. It is amazing. It has a separating zipper (DO NOT let this scare you. The instructions are so well written, an adventurous beginner CAN tackle this). It also has those amazing on trend toggles. I had never used them before, but they were easy to attach (just make sure you have a heavier duty needle), and added so much professional quality to the coat. I used a corduroy for the outer layer, a layer of batting and a coordinating soft knit for the lining. I used a bottomweight for the contrast. And this, my friends, is the masterpiece she wore to school on this cold November morning.

Isn't it gorgeous??

And since she couldnt wear the jeans she had on the in the picture, I put her in a dress from Lily Giggle. I write about Lily Giggle in a bittersweet way. They are currently getting ready to close their doors for a while. This pattern company has some of the cutest knit patterns. And right now, you can get ALL 30 of her patterns for $30. No joke - a buck a pattern. And they are WELL worth it. You have to go by Nov 30 to get the special pricing. There patterns will not be re-released so you need to go NOW and buy them. Here is the link to the special bundle. This is the link to the dress she wore to school today - And here are the pics of her in the dress.

She wore it to school today with red leggings and boots. Isn't it abso-stinking-lutely adorable. The pants in the pictures are the Petunia Petals leggings. They even have a womens size . This picture is from the pattern website for the womens sizes - it just happens to be my leg ;) (Me a supah star ;) )

AND check out this hat 
It is a part of the pattern collection, too! I don't know if you are ever going to find a value like this on patterns again.

So, today's lessons are -
You need a Downton Duffle. You are not scared of it. You do know it takes more than half an hour, but it is WORTH it. Click and buy it

You also MUST buy the Lily Giggle pattern bundle. You are INSANE if you miss this. And you only have until the 30th.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am going to do some Thanksgiving inspired sewing for next week. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. That jacket is so gorgeous! Where do you get your knits? I have been on the fence all week about buying the LilyGiggle package, but you pushed me over the edge... I just need to make some time to sew!

    1. You won't regret the Lily Giggle purchase. I have loved every pattern I have ever done. They are age appropriate and fun. These are my primary knit sources: (which is where that polka dot in the dress came from. It is still available)
      and I will get solids at Joann and Hancock. I actually just got some cool performance knit (like the dry fit) from Joann to make the Greenstyle hoodies with. Hope that helps and have a great evening!