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Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Extra - Week of Thanksgiving - Day 5

Yep - I am giving you an extra day this week because I adore this newly released pattern. It can't really be worn to school, so since it is the weekend, this would give you some comfy, cozy sewing (and mom can even get in on this action).

Today's pattern is from Peek A Boo Pattern Shop They have A-MAY-zing patterns as you might remember her quilted hoodie zipper vest and that awesome Downton Duffle coat. Today's pattern is NO exception, so get ready to get cozy. 

The Comfy Cozy Robe and Comfy Cozy slippers are a must for this holiday season! The slipper pattern actually goes up to a ladies size 8/9 foot, so you can make some too. And I have seen all of the major fabric stores advertising huge after Thanksgiving fleece sales. You could rack up and make tons of these for Christmas gifts. The slippers are SUCH a quick sew. She won't take hers off. I mean you can even slap a monogram on these puppies and *bam* instant awesome one of a kind Christmas present that you made in less than an hour. 

Let me show you what I mean. **WARNING** You may get sleepy looking at pictures of something so comfortable!

Yes, in a perfect world, the tops of the slippers would have the cats be identical. These are my pattern test pictures and I was in a time crunch. Next time, they will be the same :) 

Now, go order these patterns, heat up some hot chocolate, sit by the fire and take a break! Thanksgiving will be here in less than a week! And all of us moms will be cooking yummy fixings and getting ready to spend time with family and friends. Are your kids already out of school? Most of our area is, but mine have to go to school Monday and a half day on Tuesday. Tuesday is also our Grandparents day, so there won't be any actual work. The early morning will have a program for the Grandparents and then they will have the Grandparents visiting the classrooms for activities. 

Since I did post today, I will share another thing I am grateful for. I am grateful for the animals in my life. We are big rescue advocates. We currently have 5 cats and 2 dogs, all rescues. I don't have a recent picture of our oldest cat, Lunar. She is 15 years old and is in advanced renal failure. 

This beautiful cat is Lilly. We rescued her at 3 weeks old. She was teeny tiny and now she is a big fat marshmallow :) 

This stately cat is Posey. We adopted her the day before Lilly. She is very attached to my husband and daughter.

This beautiful girl is Cassie. I had been volunteering at our local Animal Shelter (which is a kill shelter). The director told me this girl was scheduled to be put down that afternoon. She had been an owner surrender. She had such a gentle demeanor and a big "smile" when I went by her run. I pulled her to foster her, but the longer she stayed, the more we realized she didn't need a new home because she was already home. She is a GREAT runner and wonderful companion.

 This pretty Papillon girl is Lucie. She loves this yellow bird. This is actually about her 13th or 14th. They are the Kohls Cares for Kids Woodstocks. She came with one when we got her 7 years ago. We keep having to buy them because she wont go anywhere without it. Lucie would live in your lap if you let her and when she wags her tail, it wags her whole body.
 This was a baby picture of one of most recent kittens, Simon. He has gotten a lot bigger. The hubs hasn't taken pro pics of them yet. He is very attached to our son.

This little spitfire is our handsome orange bob tailed cat, Tommy. He is a ball of energy and loves everyone.

And I couldn't talk about pets if I didn't mention how grateful I was to have this beautiful Siamese cat in my life. I was 18 years old when I adopted her and I was blessed to have had 18 years with her. She passed away this summer while we were in London. She was my constant companion and there isn't a day that goes by that I still don't think about her. Losing her has left a hole in my heart, but I am so grateful to have had the love of this animal. She was better than most people I have ever met and I will never, ever forget her. I truly hope the Rainbow Bridge is real and when I get there she will be waiting for me. I miss you, Sam, and I love you.

I would still love to hear what you are thankful for AND post pics to your Thanksgiving sewing! I hope you have a great weekend and happy sewing. Come back Monday for the last Thanksgiving inspiration dress!

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