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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week of Thanksgiving - Day 3

Welcome back to the week of Thanksgiving outfit inspirations! We are on Day 3 and are featuring a pattern from one of our favorite tween designers, Create Kids Couture Create Kids Couture has EXPLODED in pattern growth. They offer babies, littles, tweens and MOMS clothes - even plus sizes. The patterns are well written and easy to follow. Some of them can be more time consuming because they have a lot of gathering in a lot of their patterns. But, ya know, sometimes more work is worth the results. More gathering means more twirl factor. You can see the whole CKC tween collection here They just released FIVE new tween patterns tonight which I am sure you will see here next month during my Christmas sewing inspirations. They are gorgeous! And if you are feeling a little Mom sewing coming on - check out the adult patterns is for womens sizes and is for womens plus sizes. Consider using these to make your mom or a female relative a gift this holiday season. How awesome would it be to use your talents to bless a lady in your life with a one of a kind garment? 

Today's pattern is fun and so perfect for the holidays. It is full of twirl twirl twirl from the sleeve to the skirt. Today we are featuring the Hazel Hippie dress. You can find the tween version here, the girls version here, and the womens version here Wouldn't this be a great pattern for Christmas card pics? All the girls in the family could match or coordinate. This is the pattern pic for the tween version 

and here is the adult version pattern picture. 

I haven't made this one for me, because, well frankly sewing her clothes four days a week eats most of my sewing time, but I think it would be a great dress to make for myself! These models really sell this pattern!

Here is our Thanksgiving version of the Hazel Hippie Dress from our friends at Create Kids Couture!

Look at this dress twirl!! What girl doesn't love a twirly dress?

We went to the grocery store after school and an older lady stopped her and told her how pretty her dress was. You might not be able to tell from the blog, but she is VERY shy and most of the time if she doesn't know you and she speaks to you, she speaks so softly you can barely hear her. So, the lady complimented her and she very softly says, "Thank you." The lady then asks her if her mom made her dress for her and she responded yes. The lady told us that her mom used to make all of her clothes and it meant so much to her and she loved hearing that some people were still doing it. It just made my heart smile. This project can be VERY overwhelming sometimes. Like tonight, when I am still working on tomorrow's outfit. But, this is going to be such a lasting memory for both of us. And you don't have to commit to making EVERY outfit your child wears this year, but taking the time to make something for them with your own hands means so much and will be something that stays with both of you forever. 

My day 3 thankful thought is for my dear daughter - the focus of this blog. She is spirited, creative, kooky, and just a general joy. She thinks outside of the box and comes up with some of the neatest things. She loves art and writing and her stuffed animals. She has more stuffed animals in her bed than there is room for her! I have loved watching her bloom and grow these last ten years and I cannot wait to see the things God has planned for her. It is truly a blessing to be the mother of this child.

Feel free to let me know what you are thankful for! I hope you are getting some great ideas for your Thanksgiving sewing! Stop back by tomorrow to see our day 4 inspiration! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. EEK! We love this so much! You did so well! We're thankful for you and appreciate you showing off all of these amazing designer's every day! You are inspiring to so many people; ourselves included! Keep up the amazing work and we can't wait to see what you create next!

    1. Thank you! She loved the twirling in this one! We just got several of the new tween patterns that just came out! You will be seeing those for some Christmas inspirations!