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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Make it a Helper Night

You know you have some days where life just catches up with you and you are SO busy that you are doing good to get the things that have to be done done, nevertheless the stuff that doesn't HAVE to be done. You know, like when you want to cook a great homemade dinner, but end up having to use Hamburger Helper because you just don't have time. But, you know what? At the end of the day, the kids are still happy and well fed. No reason to feel guilty just because you don't make everything from scratch. Your family still appreciates what you do for them.

So, what does this have to do with sewing? I am committed to her having handmade outfits every school day that doesn't have a specified dress (ie our Friday spirit wear days), and I'm sure, like you, things come up, you get busy. Well, today, I'm making a hamburger helper outfit. No, not really a hand with a red nose, but taking pre-existing clothing items and adding just enough of my own touches to make it hers and completely unique. Today's outfit started with a fleece half zip hoodie from Walmart in a fuschia and a coordinating pair of black fleece pants. The whole outfit was $13. I embroidered her monogram on the chest. Then, I got some coordinating ribbon that I already had (or if you dont have any, hit up Hobby Lobby when they have their ribbons 50% off. They have a fantastic selection and you can get rolls of cute ribbons for like $2). I added ribbon to the top and bottom edges of the kangaroo pocket. Then on the pants, I added the same ribbon as a border. Since these were a bootcut pant, I didn't have to worry about the ribbon restricting the stretch of the pant. Then, I made a velvet backed non-slip headband in the same ribbon. So, there you have it - a complete boutique look outfit completely from walmart. And, it was nice and cuddly today for her to wear since our high was only in the 50s. My point of this outfit is, maybe you read the blog and you are like - there is NO way I have time to make these patterns. I agree, some days I feel like I have bitten off way more than I can chew with my commitment. But, I think this is something that you can do in less than half an hour. A lot of home sewing machines have an embroidery feature even if it is just a small 4x4 hoop. Or even if you don't, hit up your child's closet. Find an old shirt or pants and add embellishments. Embellishments are really what makes the difference in boutique wear any way. Take two easy to whip up peasant dresses side by side and the one with the fabric insert and ric rac and maybe pom pom trim is going to catch your eye and seem more expensive even though they are really about the same thing. Your child is going to appreciate the fact that you put the effort into what you made, whether it is putting an applique on a tshirt, adding a ruffle to the bottom of some blue jeans, or just make a headband for them - it means a lot to your child. Don't feel like just because you can't dedicate 2 days to making a project that what you do isn't worth it. It is! And just like Hamburger Helper, it may be prepackaged when you start, but when you serve it up - it is all yours! I hope you enjoy tonight's dish!

So, tomorrow when you come back, it will be the opposite. Tomorrow's pattern is definitely more time consuming, but SO worth it! Hope to see you tomorrow!

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