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Thursday, November 7, 2013

You seriously made that hoodie again?? Yes, I did, but I can explain!

So, you can probably figure out that the Greenstyle Lacy n Lane Hoodie is one of my favorite patterns of the fall so far I mean, for good reason. Its SO freakin comfortable, its a quick sew and it is super stylish for the 10 yr old and her upper 30s mom. So, I decided to take another gander with this pattern and upcycle it. See, knit is probably one of the most expensive fabrics to buy and there is minimal selection at local stores. But, you know where you can find cheap knits in lots of prints and textures? Clearance racks and thrift stores. If you can score a plus size shirt, mans or womans, thats a lot of fabric. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box to make things work. You don't always have to go to the fabric store and get your specific x amount of yardage. Think outside of the box and get lots of funky knits and frankenpiece them together. Don't let that scare you. When you don't have quite enough of a fabric to finish the pattern piece, just add your seam allowance in and mix it with another one. Mixed textiles are really in right now and it gives a lot of visual interest to your garment. You don't just see this in knits, but in wovens as well. What do you think patchworking is? Same difference. I know it can be scary veering off of a pattern and doing your own thing, but thats what makes your garment unique and makes YOU the designer. So, here is my Lacy n Lane Hoodie (again) using a walmart kitty shirt that she love love loved. Sidenote: my child loves animals. We are a huge rescue house. We have 5 cats and 2 dogs - all rescues. We would have more if my husband wouldn't kill us. She has my soft heart toward animals. At any given time, I am sewing with some various animal either on me or within an arms reach proximity to me. Right now, our fat white marshmallow cat, Lilly, is laying right behind my chair. She was 3 weeks old when we drove to Americus, GA to adopt her. I grew up with an all white cat that I adored, so when I found out about her at a kill shelter, we drove down about an hour and a half after school and brought her home. That was about a year and a half ago. You would never know she could fit in the palm of your hand then. Now, she is a walking Stay Puff Marshmallow Cat. Rescue when you can, donate to rescues if you can't.

Back to the outfit :) Kitty cat shirt + leftover knit = cute trendy hoodie that her best friend has already called dibs on after today.

We absolutely LOVE the thumb hole. Love love love!

So, have you bought this pattern yet? Post a link to your hoodie of yours or your childs if you have. If you haven't - I really haven't convinced you to buy it yet? I will just have to try harder. Haha! No, really, I have made what four of these now, so completely have paid for it.

Well, Monday we are out of school for Veterans Day - many thanks to all of our Veterans - past, present and future - including my dad (Navy/Vietnam) and brother (Navy/First Gulf War). I was supposed to run the Soldier Half Marathon Saturday, but I have not recovered enough from my fall :( Very very sad about this. But I know it is for the best. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you are off/out of school Monday - enjoy the rest but remember the reason! See you back on Tuesday unless I get the burr out of my butt and finally write a tutorial or ten. They are in my head but no pictures or written instructions!


  1. I love the upcycle element! Very hip!

  2. Ok, So keep posting these shirts. It is motivating me. I have the pattern printed, bought the fabric yesterday and yes.... I was suprised at how expensive the knit fabric was! So, for the next ones it will be upcycle for sure! I always look at the ladies plus size dresses at Goodwill etc. Now, maybe I can get the pattern cut today :)